Thursday, July 26, 2007

A rose by any other name...

Here it is. One week post-ultrasound and we haven't posted anything since. Which is really weird to me, because since we told Andi what we were going to name the baby, I thought we would be spreading it like wildfire. I think there was just a little communication breakdown in our household. Cameron thought I was going to announce it on the blog, I thought he was, or maybe we both thought Andi would do it. Anyway, we have officially decided what to name our new little girl. It was pretty much decided before we even had the ultrasound, but after a week of trying it out, and getting approval from some family members, and most importantly the Crookston's, since they are like honorary family to us anyway :) I guess we should announce the name to everyone that frequents the blog. Sorry it took so least it's not Halloween, like I thought it might be before, right?
Her name is going to be: Addison Samera Carter.
We will be calling her: That depends. Right now we plan to call her both Addi and Soni (pronounced Sunny). Eventually, we imagine having an Addi and an Andi would get confusing, so that's why we will probably call her Soni most of the time.
I thought of the name Addison at playgroup one day. I hadn't heard it before, and fell in love with it. When I mentioned it to another mom there, she asked if I watched "Grey's Anatomy". Well, you should all know how Cameron feels about that show from a previous blog, so the short answer, no. I do not watch Grey's Anatomy.
Samera is a middle name I actually came up with when I was pregnant with Peyton. I figured out if you took the first letter and last letter of my first name (Samantha) and smush the middle portion of Cameron's name between them, you get Samera. I thought it sounded pretty, and we wouldn't have to wrestle with family names for months, trying to come up with something that sounded "right".
So, there you have it. The "little bug" in my tummy has a name and an identity. She's no longer an "it". My next mission: trying to convince Cameron that Soni does in fact need a swing, AND a new car seat. Wish me luck!


Montserrat said...

Very pretty name! I really like how original Samera is.

Mandy said...

It is recommended to replace car seats every 2 years due to weather conditions weakening it. Even if you never leave the seat in the car or subject it to heat, U.S. safety standards state any car seat over 6 years old should be discarded. My husband bought a new infant car seat and fancy stroller combo the day we brought Adora home. Not only do we believe safety is paramount, but the old one smells of baby vomit and diaper blowouts despite vigorous cleaning. As for the baby swing, if you don't have one already, get one. They are life savers. I'd nearly lost my sanity before I got one for Naomi. Every one of my children has enjoyed it. Mine takes 3 size D batteries and I only need to change them out about once a year, despite continued use. Keeping baby happy long enough to actually accomplish something is blissful.

mattandbecky said...

Cute name. I wish that we could decide on one but as it did with the other two, this is taking a awhile. I'll make sure and let you know once we figure it out.

mattandbecky said...

p.s. thanks for that post. Now I know the address for our old blog that hasn't been updated in centuries. Maybe now I can get ambitious enough to add some new stuff once in a while. We've moved and changed computers since we started that, and I had no idea where to find our page. So, I guess you really did us a favor.