Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Me Quirky? Nah.

My friend Teresa posted this on her website, and although she didn't tag me specifically, I thought it would be fun. I know some of the things will make you laugh at my expense, but that's okay. I found myself laughing at Teresa's answers just because I remembered her doing some of them... Anyway, here's the deal. List 6 quirky things about yourself. Sounds simple enough. Hard part is, that the things that are "QUIRKY" to others are either just good sense to you, or "normal", so it's harder than you would think. Anyway, here it goes:

1. I always eat my M&M's in the same order.- It's true. It all started when I was a kid, and my older sister told me that the green ones were lucky as long as you ate them last. Then, my little sister and I sat down one day, and did a "blind" taste test to see which ones tasted the best (the red ones, in case you were wondering) and my order just sort of fell into place after that. For those curious, it goes: Brown, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. Don't even get me started on the "seasonal" M&M's. Yes I have an order for them too. There is a method to my madness, but nobody gets it but me.

2. I always save my "favorite part" for last. - For example, I will eat the entire outiside of my cheesburger before eating the middle (where all the good stuff is), or I'll save the cookie crumble from ice cream cake until the rest is gone, so on and so forth. That is why I eat the red m&m's next to last. I would eat them last if not for the whole "lucky" thing. This doesn't just apply to food though. When doing a craft, I'll start with the part that I don't want to do, to get it out of the way, and then I only have to do the stuff I like at the end. See, to me, good sense. To someone else...quirky.

3. I am OBSESSED with the way my laundry is done. Not just washed and dried, but folded as well. Those who know me best (Aubrey, especially) will know that they can come and help me with anything at my house, except laundry. One time, my sweet Mother In Law came to help me after Dylan was born. She folded a load of my linens (I think) and I literally had to leave the room so she wouldn't see me cry. Like I said, obsessed that it be done a certain way. I think my mom is the only one who could actually do it for me, because she is the one that taught me how, after all.

4. I am very particular about "having a spare". Not just tires, but of everything. It used to drive Cameron nuts because I wouldn't just buy one tube of toothpaste, I would buy two. When there was no longer a spare in the cupboard (even if we'd just opened one) I would insist on buying a spare the very next time we went to the store. Like I said, it USED to drive Cameron nuts, but now he realizes that we have never once ran out of essentials like shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. We also always have batteries and stamps. Maybe I was a boy scout in a former life...

5. I have a photographic memory for commercials. If a commercial held any interest for me from two days ago, or 12 years ago, I can remember the jingle. Cameron's favorite is when I sing the "Kodak Disc" jingle from back in the 80's. My mom once bought me a game called "adverteasing jr." because I was so good at remembering products and their commercials. Does anyone else but my little sister remember the "Crayola Draw and Do Desk"? If so, then you can probably list this as one of your quirks too.

6. I cannot have anyone or anything touch my feet right after I get out of the shower. Something about them being all wrinkly and stuff, I don't know, but you cannot come near my feet when they are freshly cleaned. In fact, in the winter time, I can't even stand to have the blankets touch my feet, so I wear socks to avoid this. I know what you're thinking, because Cameron has asked how I can stand then to have the socks touch my feet, and the answer is...I don't know. But it works, so I go with it.

Okay, so there are 6 things you now know about me that you probably wish you didn't. To Teresa: I would just like to remind you that you also eat Kit Kats funny, how do I know? Because we eat them the same way...but that's for another day. I now tag anyone reading this that feels like giving someone something to laugh about. GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Proud Papa

The other night Andi came up to me and said: "I want to watch one of your movies". I asked her which movie and she said "Star Wars". I was so happy. Sam reminded me that it wasn't the happiest day of my life because there was the day we got married and then the births of our children. We sat down to watch it, and I told her to pick one. She picked "The Empire Strikes Back". She actually watched the whole thing.

When we were in the car today she asked "When are we gonna watch the other Star Wars movie where the hero gets the guy out of the statue?" Woo hoo! My kid's a nerd just like me!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Common Sense

Some people have common sense. Clearly, I don't.

(The additional kids belong to the Crookstons, for those who didn't know)

Soni Crawling

Here's a video of Soni crawling.

She's getting so big. She can go from crawling to sitting up with no problem at all. Also, she cut her first tooth today! Holy cow!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brain Damage

As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of posts on our blog lately. Sorry. I've been working overtime since April, and it is causing mild brain damage. By the time I get home I have just a handful of brain cells left, and I need to use those to tell myself to not yell at the kids because I don't want to be stuck with the nickname "Old Yeller". I just don't have the brain power to write the usual sarcastic post about stuff that annoys me. Plus, I hate computers. Computers and I aren't friends (which is a little dumb because my job kind of relies heavily on the use of computers). I'm going to add those to my excuse rolodex behind doctor appointment, car trouble, plantar warts, granddad fought in World War II.
Some things I may have missed posting about because of the aforementioned summer long brain fart:
Soni is crawling now. I'll post video someday. She may be 17 before I get it done, but that would still fall under the "someday" timeframe, so I'm good.
We signed Dylan up for pee wee football! Woo hoo! We also signed Andi up for cheerleading. Andi started practice this week, and we think Dylan will start next week. When Dylan grows up to be the 49ers linebacker or running back, I don't care which I'm not picky, we'll look back to this month as when it all started. Just to throw in a quote from Scrubs: "Earn daddy's love on three. One, two, three -- earn daddy's love!"
Let's see, there's one other kid. I'll remember his name... Pedro. Pedro is running for student body president at his school. Vote For Pedro.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad things happen when you turn 30

This morning I got to my cubicle, and it had been decked out in black "Over the Hill" decorations. (Some people also brought food, so it's cool.) Then a guy in my group sent this out to the rest of my group:
Join us in recognizing Cameron's hundreds of years of super hard and fantastic work by celebrating his retirement!
When: sometime this weekend
Time: 3pm early bird special (this discount stacks with the AASOP (American Association of Super Old People) discount)
Where: Luby's Cafeteria
please be sure to dress somewhere between funeral and golf attire (plaid and sweater vests are acceptable)
We will also be taking cash donations to give to Cameron so he can continue to feed his children.
Woo hoo, I get to retire! We're moving to Florida and I'm going to wear a button down shirt, khaki shorts, and long black socks. Rock on! My retirement only lasts through the weekend though, so I don't think we'll actually make it to Florida. Maybe someday...