Friday, May 26, 2006


Well, summer is upon us finally. Most things about summer are great, but there are a couple of things about summer that annoy.

First, it's light outside for way too long. This is only a problem because I have small children. It's easy during the winter to say "Hey kids, I know it's only 6:00, but you can't tell time, and it's dark outside. That means it's time for bed." But during the summer, it gets to be the kids' bedtime and it's still light outside. We have to go through this whole charade every night of convincing the kids that it really is time for bed, even though the sun is still out. If I didn't have kids it would be fine, but the sun kind of annoys me during the summer right now. But hey, at least it's not cold outside or anything.

The second thing is there's nothing good on TV. Maybe I shouldn't be such a stinking couch potato, but what else am I going to do, read a book? Ha! The last week of the season every show is pulling out all the stops to try to have a great finale. And a lot of them do. But then you're left for 4 months wondering what is going to happen next. Some shows don't even come back until January (dang you 24!!!) So, that leaves me, Mr. Couch Potato, having to do stuff like play with my kids and talk about my day at dinner time. That's just insane.

But other than those minor a petty grievances, summer is pretty cool. I think this weekend I'll sit outside for 5 minutes and get sun burnt. Good times.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Something in the nose

Well, as soon as I got home from work last night, all the kids were crying, and Andi was freaking out about having something stuck in her nose. Turns out, she stuck a little piece of plastic that came offf a picture frame up her nose and couldn't get it out. We weren't able to get it out ourselves, so we ended up taking her to the ER to get it out. So, we spent the night waiting in the ER waiting room for two and a half hours before they took her in. (On a side note, whoever named that room is a genious. You're going to go there and wait, there's no chance of going in that room and not waiting.)
So when they finally took her in and the doctor came in to see her, he looked around with his little looky instrument for a while. He couldn't find the little black thing. So, after he was done looking around, he said he didn't see it and that she probably swallowed it. So, it was a pretty big waste of time and $100 for the ER deductible. D'oh!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poor Bird

Yesterday I was driving home for lunch, and on the way a little bird ran out in front of my car. I wondered if I was going to hit it, and when I looked in the rear view mirror I saw a puff of feathers. Oops. There was a second bird there that didn't run out in front of me. I wondered if it would be traumatized. Then I got to thinking that maybe the dead bird had little baby birds that would starve now because the mama bird got run over. Then I saw a guy on a bike in the road. Hey, 10 points!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Peyton chunking up

Peyton had a doctor appointment on Monday. He weighed in at 8 lb 1 oz. That's not too shabby since he's breast fed and two weeks before that he weighed his birth weight(6 lbs 12 oz.) I guess it's not too surprising since all he does every waking moment is eat. And all night he seems to eat constantly. Some day that boy will sleep through the night, and I'll do a happy dance. Of course, I may be getting a little too ahead of myself with that one. He is only three weeks old.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

RAM is good

At work I recently installed Dreamweaver on my computer. Ever since I did, the computer has been ridiculously slow. I click an icon to open a program, go to the bathroom, and get back just in time for it to load onto the screen. So, I desperately needed a RAM upgrade. Luckily my good ol' boss down in Corona was willing and able to get some more RAM for me.

I just installed it in my computer today, and now the thing is flying. It's like it had a good dose of caffeine added to it. Suddenly super slow computer has become oh so speedy Mr. cool computer. I'm trying not to let the power get to my head. I'll not make any plans to take over the world using my suped up computer until next week. Here I am babbling about RAM, and I was making fun of computer geeks in my last post. I've heard some phrase that may fit here, something about a pot and a kettle.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Computer geeks

I was trying to find a web page about how to do something in PHP. I went to Google, and found a page that looked exactly what I needed. I read through every step and even set up my own test program to see if it would work. After I had read through everything on that page and had my test ready to go, I read the last line of the page:

"The above considerations and examples are only applicable to Unix-type systems and do not work under Windows! Happy programming!"

Why the heck don't you put that stuff at the first of the page? You know, before people who run on Windows read through your stupid article and waste their time setting up test pages. Darn you Darn you all to heck!!! You bunch of geeks.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

NBA Celebrations

What is it with NBA players celebrating nowadays? Whatever happened to the high five? The jumping up in the air and pumping your fist? Heck, I'd even take a butt slap or a group hug over what is going on now.
Maybe NBA players have had sensitivity training or were required to watch Brokeback Mountain. Lately celebrating a big win has included all too intimate hugs, or even worse, whatever Lebron James is doing there to his teammate. Is this the new face of the NBA? If so, at least they wear long shorts now.