Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

This morning I ventured to the Wal-Mart in Quinlan for the Black Friday sale. I usually don't do that, but this year they had something we needed, so I braved the crowds to spend our hard earned money. Yeah me. Here is some advice and observations from my trip.

  • I thought about wearing some black spandex shorts to the store in honor of Black Friday. Unfortunately, I do not own any spandex shorts. Luckily for me and everyone else waiting for electronic items in the dairy section, a stout 50 year old woman with lots and lots of junk in the trunk wore her spandex shorts proudly.
  • Bring your 10 year old child with you, and put them in charge of grabbing four things from one display. Be sure to load them up with Red Bull and Monster Energy Drink before hand so they have enough energy to fight off the middle aged man going for the same things.
  • Don't be afraid of knocking someone over to grab a copy of Candy Land, even if it isn't on sale. Christmas is all about violence!
  • Someone had a great idea that I wish I had thought of: Bring your two year old child to the store with you. Who doesn't like a cranky two year old that is awake at 3AM. The fun never stops!
  • If your item rings up with the wrong price, the best thing to do is yell at the checker. It is their fault after all, and they did it just to tick you off.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

There are no losers...

...except for the people that didn't win! Yes, that's right, Thanksgiving is here and the moment you've all been waiting for is FINALLY here! Admit it, y'all have been checking the blog anxiously every day, just hoping that someone didn't out guess you, right? Well, I must admit that you all did a cracker jack job of guessing, and so we came to a bit of an impass. Does it count if nobody got all the costumes right? We think it does. Here is a rundown of who everyone was, in the words of the children...

Soni: PIRATE PRINCESS. And may I add, the cutest little Pirate Princess that ever was. Her costume could also be described as: "quick, we still have groceries to get, and the kids are losing patience. Which do you like better, this one or the Garden Knome?"

Peyton: LION. Could also be described as: "What costumes do we have left in the closet from past years. Cool. This one is even his size!"

Dylan: "BUILDER". Also known as: "No, you said "builder" and we have everything we need to do that. It's too late to change your mind to robot now, son."

Andi: TAYLOR SWIFT. She is the reason we had problems with a theme this year. Ever since last year, when her best friend was Taylor Swift for Halloween, Andi began insisting that she too, wanted to dawn the curls, and "hippy" clothes, and be her idol. What goes with Taylor Swift? NOTHING!!! At least nothing that we came up with.

Which makes our THEME: "Dang! Halloween is in a week, and we still haven't come up with a theme. Does ANYTHING go with "Taylor Swift"? No? Okay, I guess we won't have one this year."

Which makes our winner, technically Heather, but I think she's disqualified since she talks to me every day, and knows me well enough to know that I would make it a trick question. So, Lady, you're prize is to help me make the items for the winner(s) we've selected. CONGRATS to you!

The real winner is actually a tie. I was AMAZED that LeAnn was able to come up with any sort of theme at all, with the Modge Podge of costumes, and then I was FLOORED by the way Allyson pulled them together, and made my husband hang his head in shame while I laughed out loud.
For this reason, you two shall share the prize, by each receiving a care package from me. Make sure I have your current address, and you can look for it in the mail in about a week.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trick or Treat!

I know, I know, we are nearing the middle of November, and here we are just posting about our Halloween now. Lame, right? We'll try to do better. Now onto my account of the Halloween festivities.

This year, we ended up not going to the Ward Trunk or Treat, for reasons that elude me now. The kids did get dressed up to go Trick or Treating on the night of the 31st though. Cameron took the kids around the neighborhood while I stayed home and passed out candy. This has been the routine the last 3 years, which may sound unfair, but I've usually had good excuses. The first year we moved here, I took the kids around with the Buckley's (our good friends and neighbors) but by the next year, I was VERY pregnant with Soni, so I opted not to aggravate my "temperamental" uterus once again. Last year, I was having too much trouble with physical exertion, so Cameron took the kids around again. This year would have been my year in the rotation, but when I found out that Jordan (Buckley) had the flu, and would not be going Trick or Treating, I emphatically volunteered to stay home once more. I'm sure Cameron appreciated the chance to take the 4 kids by himself again this year, and I assured him that no thanks were necessary. Unlike most years, coming up with a theme was more of a challenge this year. In fact, I think I am going to offer a special Thanksgiving care package to the person who can name what each of my kids were, and how they all fit together as a whole.


Leave a comment naming what each child is, and whatever theme you think they followed this year, and you will receive an entry into our giveaway, that will include, but will not be limited to, a PerfectlySPACED gift card, a candy treat of some sort (depending on the person who wins it), and at least one Holiday decoration to get your place ready for Christmas. If you can't find a theme, don't feel bad. In fact, it's so fantastic I'm sure nobody will get it, but take your best shot!

Without further adieu:





The kids Trick or Treating at our door.
I mainly added this picture so you can see Andi's bottom half since you couldn't see it in the picture above.
We'll announce the winner on Thanksgiving day.