Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Part I

It's been three weeks since we got home from our vacation, so what better time than now to bore you with all the details of that vacation. Woo hoo!

Day One: We drove from our house to Albuquerque, NM. I've always been intrigued by Albuquerque because of Weird Al's 10 minute long song called Albuquerque. I was on the lookout for someone to shave my back for a nickel. No dice. The air did not smell like warm root beer, and the towels were not oh so fluffy. Such a disappointment.

We had been telling the kids the whole day that when we got to the hotel, we'd go to the pool. We got to the hotel, went to the pool, and in the pool was a girl that shall henceforth be known as the spawn of Satan, or SOS for short. Apparently SOS was having her birthday party at the hotel pool (who does that?), and she owned 40 pieces of floaty pool toys that were all in or around the pool, that no one else could look at or touch. She also owned the water in the pool, the pool itself, and the souls of everyone who dared enter. After twenty minutes of being there, we had the choice of drowning SOS in her precious pool, selling our souls for ten more minutes of swimming time, or leaving so we wouldn't have to listen to the sound of her voice reminding us to not touch her pool toys. So, we did the logical thing and drowned her in the pool. I hope the Albuquerque police don't find out. The kid's disappointment of leaving the pool early was soon forgotten when they found out the hotel room had a sofa bed. That was the coolest thing in the world!!!

Day 2: We drove. A lot. Turns out, it's a long way from Albuquerque to Salt Lake. We passed by a lot of scenic stuff around Moab. There was a twenty mile stretch through Moab that was scenic, but the rest of the scenery was kind of lame. We stopped like 40 times so the kids could pee. Soni got mad because we stopped by the side of the road and let the boys pee, but we didn't let her pee on the side of the road too. We eventually made it to Auntie Wick's house. I considered just finding a home there in Utah and moving there, just so we wouldn't have to drive any more.

Day 3: We went through Salt Lake so we could take the kids to Temple Square. We enjoyed it. I think the kids thought it was cool. Here are pictures:

The kids outside the conference center. I forgot to rotate the picture. They thought the waterfall was oh so cool.

Here are the kids on top of the conference center looking at Temple Square below. They didn't jump off of the roof. Score one for us.

Here they are in front of the "Jesus Statue"

Here's everyone in the conference center. That thing is huge! The guy said they fit the entire state of Utah inside of it. I think he was lying.

We left Salt Lake and made it to Star Valley Wyoming, home of THE WORLD'S LARGEST ELK HORN ARCH!!!! Be amazed, be very amazed.
When we got here, I considered finding a house and moving here, so we wouldn't have to drive any more. Then I remembered that it gets to like 120 below in the winter, and decided against it.

I'll post Vacation Part II sometime within the next two months. Try to contain your excitement.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer Vacation

For vacation this summer, we went to Star Valley to visit family, and to see the World's Largest Elkhorn Arch. It was super fun.

We played at grandma and grandpa's house

We soaked up some sun at the beach.

We went to Rexburg and showed the kids were we met.

We saw the Grand Canyon on the way home.