Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What to do

Since it's late and I can't complete a rational thought, here's another one of those posts that is all over the place. Sorry.

Those of you who know Dylan know that he can be a bit of a handful sometimes. I love the kid to death, but he does some things that make us want to sign him up for a spot on the moon base. I'm sure that most parents feel like that about their kids from time to time.

Today's case against Dylan involves a DVD. Sam ordered some movies online two or three weeks ago, and with the great speed and efficiency of, we got them yesterday. While Andi was at Joy School, she watched the movies upstairs with Dylan. She left to get lunch ready, went back upstairs to find that Dylan had broken one of the DVDs. We hadn't even had it for 24 hours, and Hulk Jr. goes and busts it in half. Have you ever tried breaking a DVD? Those things are pretty flexible, and snapping them takes quite a bit of effort. I don't know how he did it, but he did. We need to find something to occupy him so that he won't end up breaking stuff. Something like a coloring book, a puzzle, or a weight training system.

In other news, Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill! You can download your very own Mark Hamill wallpaper here. Don't be the only person in your neighborhood/office without a Mark Hamil wallpaper.

In my ongoing fight against all things Sandra Bullock, I must warn you that she is making another movie. This one is called All About Steve, and thankfully it looks like she will not be a recently divorced undercover FBI agent traveling through time on a runaway boat.

For only $130, you can buy Halo 3 and a commemorative helmet. (Lightning gun and electron vaporizer not included.)

I was going to look for a video to embed here, but I couldn't find one that wasn't stupid. Instead, here's this, which is just as good as a video.

Oh no! I tried to fix the cow, but I ended up killing it. Here's a less cool alternate cow.

             .=     ,        =.
_ _ /'/ )\,/,/(_ \ \
`//-.| ( ,\\)\//\)\/_ ) |
//___\ `\\\/\\/\/\\///' /
,-"~`-._ `"--'_ `"""` _ \`'"~-,_
\ `-. '_`. .'_` \ ,-"~`/
`.__.-'`/ (-\ /-) |-.__,'
|| | \O) /^\ (O/ |
`\\ | / `\ /
\\ \ / `\ /
`\\ `-. /' .---.--.\
`\\/`~(, '() ('
/(O) \\ _,.-.,_)
// \\ `\'` /
jgs / | || `""""~"`
/' |__||

Baby Registry

Sam keeps mentioning that we need to register for a baby shower that Aubrey is throwing for her. I went ahead and picked a few things that I think the baby will need.

A cooler bag that includes two bottles, a fork, a spoon, and a sandwich box. The perfect gift for a newborn.

A rattle.

Some pajamas.

A shirt. If you're on of those people who doesn't mind spending $30 on a shirt.

A baby blanket.

This has to be the coolest mobile ever made.

Yes, I know that I'm a big dork.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Andi's Birthday Wish

Lately Andi has been asking for something different for her birthday every day of the week. Monday she asked for a Barbie. Tuesday she asked for a stuffed puppy. Today she asked for a bike. I haven't been keeping track of everything she wants, so today when she made her request I told her to remind me of what it was she wanted.

She said "I want a kitchen thing that makes food and it says stuff and batteries not included. Remember what the girl said on TV, 'batteries not included'".

I think that kid is watching too much TV.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One Year

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of starting work at L-3. Woo hoo! I made it a whole year without them getting sick of me. I got an L3 tie tack thing to commemorate having worked here for a year. When I've worked here for five years I will get to pick an item from a catalog full of fifteen dollar things. Woo hoo again.

The past year seems to have gone by fast. I still wake up some days and find it weird that we live in Texas. The news comes on and it starts talking about stuff that happened in Dallas, and I think to myself "Why do I care about that?" Then I realize, oh yeah, we live thirty miles from Dallas. I'm a quick one. My mommy says I'm special.

I don't really have anything interesting to add to that (that's nothing new). I just think it's cool to look back and see how much has changed in the past year. Crazy stuff.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Next Summer's Hero Guy

I was looking around on the internet and found something that is kind of cool, but kind of unnerving at the same time. It looks like they're making an Ironman movie that will open next summer.
I don't know much about Ironman. He looks cool and all, and I'll probably end up watching the movie eventually because I'll watch just about any superhero movie at least once. Unless they make a movie about quail man, then I'll have to pass.

That's Sam's brother Barton, if you were wondering.

The unnerving thing about Ironman is, if you watch the trailer, you'll notice that Ironman/Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. I though that Robert Downey Jr. had died like eight years ago or something, but nope, he's alive and well and playing Ironman. What's next, are they going to make a Batman movie and have some pansy like Val Kilmer or George Clooney play Batman?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Evil, Thy Name is Dentist

Thursday I had an appointment with my dentist to fix a hole that was in my tooth. A piece of my filling fell out about seven months ago, and since then little bits of my tooth and filling have fallen out from time to time. I've never been to dental school or anything, but I'm guessing that can't be good. I was scheduled for a possible root canal depending on how close the decay was to the root. Since all dentists are sadistic and evil, if they have a chance to give someone a root canal, they'll do it. Dentist man started drilling my tooth and when he finished he announced "Looks like we'll need to do a root canal. Muhahahahaha!"

Let me say right now that I don't like dentists. At all. They have no redeeming qualities at all. That may be painting them with a pretty broad brush, but I don't care. I guess the hate started early when one Halloween I received a toothbrush from the local dentist instead of candy. "A toothbrush? Where's my candy you weirdo?"

Before they could do it, I had to sign a sheet that gave them permission to perform the procedure. I'm guessing they don't count on people reading those things, but I did just to see what was on it. It said something like "I give Dr. ----- to perform technical term for a root canal. I understand that this dude is going to drill a freakin' big hole in my tooth and down into my gums, tearing out nerve tissue as he goes. I understand that if I cry during the procedure, Dr. Whozit can videotape my weeping and share it with his other evil dentist friends. I am also aware of the following complications that may occur during or after the procedure:
Permanent numbness in tongue, cheek, lip, gums, head, shoulders, knees, and toes.
Instrument breakage in tooth
Possible need of additional root canal if decay returns
Marsupial attacks
Mild discomfort in gums"

I signed the thing, and they started at it. They turned on the TV that was in the room so that I could watch it during the procedure. I don't think they considered how hard it is to watch or hear a TV with two people working within three inches of your face using tiny yet loud vacuums and drills. It was a nice gesture though. The dentist drilled out three quarters of my bad tooth out and then started poking around at the nerve or something. He would poke it, I would twitch and he'd ask if I felt it. "Ummm, yeah, couldn't you feel my hatred for you burning a hole into your soul? Oh, that's right, you don't have a soul because you're a dentist."

I tried not to look at the drill bit he was using to get the nerve out, but it was hard not to see it since it was like twenty seven inches long. Surprisingly the huge drill didn't hurt as bad as when he got his little poking hook out and tried to get me to confess to toilet papering his house in July. When he had the nerve out, he said it kept bleeding and wasn't sure why. He took another look and said "Oh I know why, there's some nerve tissue in there." He dug it out and then asked me "Do you want to see some nerve tissue?" Do I want to see nasty bloody pieces of my face that will probably gross me out? Sure. It looked like a piece of raw meat, which was kind of disappointing because I was hoping it would look cool. Oh well.

He finished pretty quickly, and so far I still have feeling in my face, which is a plus. I get to go back in two weeks to have him to finish it up, and to pay him more money. Woo hoo! After I paid my bill and was on the way out the door, I noticed a jar of suckers with a sign that says "Take one". It's a dentist conspiracy man!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nothing Happening

Nothing much has been happening here lately. Jared and I had a little adventure going to work on Tuesday. You can read his account of it here if you're interested. To summarize, we took a shortcut to avoid some traffic and ended up having to slog through three feet of mud on a county road. Our shortcut made up 2 1/2 hours late for work.

Yesterday we were at the store, and Dylan was helping me push the cart. After a minute of helping me push he said "Dad, my pants are falling down." I looked down and his pants were around his ankles. It happened once more before we left the store. Good thing he's too young to get embarrassed about stuff like that.

The NFL season is starting this week. Woo hoo! I predict that tomorrow night the 49ers will beat the Cardinals 154 to 12. If my job were to set the betting lines in Vegas, I wouldn't be very good at it.