Thursday, July 19, 2007

It Wil Be A . . .

Andi was right. It's a girl. Here are the pictures we got from the doctor today.

This is the visual of the her being a girl, so they told us. This could actually be Sam's kidney or something, I wouldn't know the difference.

Ah, the side profile picture. Everyone gets one of these.

The baby has a foot. Two of them. Woo hoo.


Montserrat said...

Congrats! Are you going to announce a name too or wait until after the baby is born so there's still a surprise?

Sami said...

We will definitely be announcing a name. Right now we are "trying on" the name we think it will be, and if it doesn't seem to feel right we'll come up with something else. I hope to have it decided once and for all by Halloween.

Tiffany said...

Yeah, Congrats, I'm happy for both you and Andi. I bet she is thrilled, you must be too.