Thursday, July 19, 2007

"....girls are best."

Today is the day! The wait is over, and we finally get to find out what the sex of the new baby is. Now, before you get too excited, it's only about quarter to 10 and my appointment isn't until 2:00, so this post is not to inform you all what we know. I found this to be quite humorous, so I thought I would share. Don't worry, the next post will probably contain the much anticipated verdict.
All throughout my pregnancy, any time Cameron and I asked Andi if she wanted a brother or a sister, she would say sister. We purposely didn't tell her that "mommy's pregnant" means that a new baby is coming, because we didn't want to answer all kinds of uncomfortable questions about how the baby got there, and especially the incessant whining about when the baby is coming (are we there yet?). But, based on conversations she has overheard, she got the message, and now knows that there is a new baby coming. So much so, that one afternoon I was over at Aubrey's, and she (Aubrey) exclaimed that she "wasn't having any more kids!" I agreed that I wasn't either, and Andi got really defensive. She started saying "No mommy! What about my baby sister coming?" That led to me asking if she would be happy if we had one more baby, and then our family could be complete. She told me that no, in fact she wanted 2 baby sisters! (Good luck convincing daddy of that, young lady!)
Anyway, here's the story I wanted to share before I went on a rambling streak....
Last night after dinner, Cameron was out mowing the lawn, and I was clearing off the table. Andi was in there keeping me company, so I started talking to her about the new baby. She said "you mean my baby sister?" I said, well, we don't know if it's a sister for sure, but daddy and I will find out tomorrow. (Andi) "TOMORROW!?"
Me: Yes. Tomorrow daddy and I are going to go to the doctor and we are going to look at the baby on a tv screen, and make sure it's healthy, and then the doctor will tell us if it's a brother or a sister."
Andi: "It's a sister."
Me: "Well, we'll find out tomorrow."
Andi: "You're going to the hopsital? I want to come too, and see my baby sister!"
Me: "No, this is just for grown ups. You're going to go to Noah's house and play, and we'll come get you when we're done. Besides, we don't know it's a sister. We will get whatever Heavenly Father wants us to have."
Andi: "He wants us to have a sister."
Me: "Well, that would be nice, but if he wants us to have a brother, we'll love him too."
Andi: (gettting quite irritated by this point) "But Jesus Christ thinks girls are best and so he wants me to have a sister!"
After that, I gave up. She was right about what Peyton was, so maybe she knows something we don't. Needless to say, if they find male genitalia today, Cameron's the one that gets to tell Andi.
I guess I also forgot to mention that she had gotten confused about seeing the baby, and getting the baby. Later on last night, she kept saying that she couldn't wait to hold her baby sister, and she started packing her bag to go stay at the Crookstons while we went to get the baby. Man, December is so far away for a 4 year old.


Montserrat said...

Too cute! Hopefully you can get some good pictures so she can see and that will help her count down until December.