Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week In Review

The 900-mile drive for Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. We didn’t have time to stop by the National Corvette Museum or Graceland, but maybe next time. Next time may be when the kids are in their teens. We did get a chance to see some of Arkansas’s finest roadside trailer parks. (How does one person end up with 10 broken down washing machines in their yard?) We also found the town with a really bad name. Arkadelphia Arkansas. On their water tower they painted “Arkadelphia: A Great Place to Call Home.” You might as well just call it home if you live there, because just saying Arkadelphia makes you cringe a little.

Sam sent me to the get a book that she needed for Joy School on Wednesday night. I had to drive like 20 miles to get to a Barnes and Noble, which compared to Star Valley isn’t bad because there you have to drive 20 miles to get to a gas station. Anyway, I was going there to pick up “The Giving Tree”. I’m not a fan of the Barnes and Noble stores because it seems like a huge gathering place for yuppies. Starbucks and artsy fartsy books, it just screams yuppie to me. Anyway, I get to the register with “The Giving Tree” to check out. If you haven’t read that book, it’s not exactly a long literary masterpiece that is hundreds of pages long. It’s a children’s book about some tree that gives stuff away to a boy or something, I’m not sure, I didn’t make it all the way through yet. The guy rings the book up, and with taxes the thing came to $17. $17 for the giving tree? What the heck? I thought that The Giving Tree had better include a ten-dollar bill inside that the tree hands you. (It doesn’t by the way.) After the guy told me the total, he asked if I wanted to buy a book to donate to a children’s hospital in the area. Hello, you just sold me The Giving Tree for $17! I think you can take part of that $14 profit and donate it to the children’s hospital yourself, Paco! P.S. Bah Humbug to you sir.

On Thursday there was a winter storm that passed over the Dallas area. On Wednesday and Thursday all you saw on the news was stuff about this huge winter storm. They were predicting ice and then one to two inches of snow/sleet and temperatures in the 20s. Wow that sounds nasty. You know what they call that in Wyoming? August.

Peyton had a doctor appointment and got his immunizations on Friday. I wasn’t there with him because I was at my own doctor appointment getting some blood pressure medicine so my heart doesn’t explode when I’m 35. Somehow it was my fault that Peyton had to get shots.

I wouldn’t let Andi watch “her shows” until after NFL Matchup, a half hour long show, was over. Apparently I’m a bad father because of that.


Aubrey said...

So Jared and I have this little discussion at your house about how I have a copy of the giving tree and you should have just borrowed mine. Jared was pretty sure that we didn't have one and I was pretty sure that we did, since I had seen it about a thousand times in the last little while. We came home after that and I looked everywhere just to be able to prove him wrong...I couldn't find it anywhere.
Turns out it's my mom who has a copy. It was on the coffee table at her house while we were there because Noah got it out. That would explain why I had seen it a million times and was sure it had to be around here somewhere.
I guess Jared won this one...which changes the score a little bit. Jared:2 Aubrey:3864

Sami said...

That's absolutely hilarious Aubrey! The score is very similar at our house as well. One thing I will never be able to prove Cameron wrong on, is our old blue frying pan. He swears it was always black, but I know it used to be blue, until he set in on fire by forgetting to take the sticker off the bottom before cooking in it! I still know I'm right though!

Cam said...

Here we go again. If it was blue at any time, then after it was "burnt" it would have still had blue paint on it. There wasn't any blue paint anywhere on that thing.

Sami said...

That's because you set the whole bloomin' thing on fire!