Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not Again

So, our third kid is now mobile. Peyton has started crawling around the floor to get things that he wants. He still can't fight off his siblings for anything, but at least now he'll be able to reach stuff that Andi puts just out of his grasp. Now we just need to keep him away from the stairs, and he should be ok.
I was driving home yesterday, and I switched it to a radio station that had just started playing 'You Give Love a Bad Name' by Bon Jovi. That station had just become my new favorite station. Then right after it, they played some yuppie hippie crap and they're not my favorite station anymore.
It's sad that it's already Thursday of the week that I have off. Why doesn't the work week go by this fast? I don't have a point, I'm just complaining.
Why do kids think balloons are so cool? Andi got a balloon when we went to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday, and she fights with Dylan all the time over the stupid balloon. It's not even floating any more, it's a plain old balloon now, but they still fight over it likes it's the greatest toy in the world. From now until my kids figure out that balloons really aren't cool, I'm getting them balloons for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and whatever else they would get presents for.

I was the same way when I Was a kid. One time we went to Salt Lake and my cousins and I went to the zoo. We all got balloons there. We took the balloons home like a prized possesion and played with them like they were our new best friends. Well, my cousins ended up popping theirs, and my brother Jared lost his when he tried handing his to me when we were outside and forgot to tell me about it. I was so proud that I still had my balloon, and got to take it all the way home to Star Valley. I never realized that my parents probably thought the crying over the popped and lost balloons was super annoying, and my balloon that I got to take all the way home was probably floating all around the car or getting in the way of my dad's rear view mirror.

If you ever get a chance, watch a kid who just let go of a helium filled balloon in a parking lot. For a few seconds they watch in amazement as it floats up in the air above the buildings. Then that amazement turns to horror as they realize that the balloon isn't coming back. Then for the next 5 minutes they weep uncontrollably as if a close relative has just died. Poor parents. Ha ha!