Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bogus Birthday!

As many of you know, our "baby" turned 4 years old yesterday. How bad does that stink to have your birthday the day after Christmas? I'll give you a few reasons why it stinks. 1. Everyone is always too concerned with their own new toys to give a flip if it's your special day. "No, MY CHOO CHOO TWAIN!" (direct quote from Dylan.) 2. People are less likely to remember to call you. After all, they had just talked to you the day before, so that should count, right? WRONG! 3. There is no way to be able to have your birthday party on your birthday. Chances are most likely that your little friends will still be traveling home from Christmas visits, and be unable to attend. 4. Christmas wrapping paper. Now, my family has really been good about wrapping Andi's presents in birthday paper, but at Andi's party, I'm anticipating much Santa and snowman paper. Come on, you don't see someone getting Christmas paper in April or August do you? I didn't think so. And last but certainly not least is #5. The shopping! Sure you have all those after Christmas sales, but heaven help you if you need to go into the store to pick up your cake ON your birthday! Massive crowds of people, all eyeing the same 50% off Christmas tree! Oh, and I also should mention that your parents are too preoccupied with Christmas and preparations for visitors to even snap a picture...OOPS! Guess we dropped the ball on that one...we'll get her on Saturday at her party. At least we thought enough about it to BUY her a present, (although we still haven't given it to her) and take her to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. Time to start celebrating the half birthday? Maybe...


Jared said...

I tried to talk Aubrey into letting me take the present out of the bag and wrap it in Christmas paper, and then put it back in the bag.

She wouldn't let me.

Cam said...

I would have laughed at that.