Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's that smell?

To begin this story, I really have to start at the beginning of my day. I woke up this morning, dreading having to teach Joy School, especially since I hadn't even begun to prepare for the Kindergarten prep part yet. I got Andi and Dylan their breakfast, and was working on making their lunches, and had Peyton happily playing on the floor. He loves to pull diapers out of their original package, so that's what he was doing. All of a sudden, I hear him cry. Turns out, he had gotten ahold of the Desitin Creamy, and apparently didn't care for the taste. Now, this is a normal occurance at our house. I believe that every one of my kids has eaten a tube of diaper rash cream at one point or another, but as anyone would know, once your kids has eaten it, they seem to carry the scent with them until their next bath (which I wasn't prepared to give him yet, since he just had one) since it seems to get in crevices that you can't always find with a baby wipe. Anyway, so I was sitting on my bed nursing him, trying to get him to fall asleep (Oh yeah, due to inclement weather, Joy School was canceled, so I got to nurse without 4 extra preschoolers watching!). Well, I kept smelling something flowery, and almost disgustingly overwhelming. I kept thinking it was Peyton, and his Desitin, but when I put my nose closer to him, I stopped smelling this stink. I decided to go investigate after putting Peyton down for a nap. I found both kids upstairs, happily watching the Disney Channel, and not playing with anything out the ordinary. The smell kept getting stronger and softer every so often, but the whole house REAKED! I asked Andi was smelled, and she said: "Um, Dylan was playing with that blue thing." For the life of me, I couldn't place the smell. I looked under the sink and found all cleaning products present and accounted for. Finally I figured out where I smelled it before. The night Dylan vomited in our hallway, we bought some Febreze-like stuff to neutralize the odor. I went in the laundry room and found the bottle mostly empty, but there. I laughed to myself, and lectured Dylan about not touching things that aren't his, especially in the laundry room. I figured the smell would eventually dissipate, and life would go on. Well, shortly after I sat down and started writing this entry, I heard Andi screaming from the living room, and Dylan laughing. You guessed it... Dylan was chasing Andi around the room with the bottle of Odor Neutralizer, and laughing. I freaked out! I had just barely told him not to, and he did it again within 5 minutes! I had to strip his clothes off because he had the liquid all up the arms of his shirt, and he stunk to high heavens. I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy, but I can't wait 'til his father gets home! I guess I should be glad he didn't get ahold of something that suds up, or stains.


Cam said...

Maybe he thought Andi smelled bad. But you're right, at least he didn't get a hold of the Sharpies.

Aubrey said...

Noah once got his hands on a can of ant spray. So it could have been worse, at least there aren't any nerve agents in odor neutralizer. I got Noah bathed off really well and put him in his room and ran to clean up the mess. By the time I finished cleaning up the floor where Noah had been I couldn't feel my toes.