Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What I know for sure...

Not only is Christmas becoming too commercial, but so is Andi's birthday. So what if they are only a day apart! Here's the story: We have been planning to get Andi one of those Kid Tough digital cameras for her birthday. They retail for about $55.00. The only problem is, every store in the country is sold out of them, along with the online stores. Well, yesterday it hit me! I'll try Ebay! So, I found some on ebay. In fact there was one seller that had 3 pink ones, 1 blue one, and 1 red one. Nobody had bid on them yet, and I thought: "Hey, the starting bid is $19.99, I could end up making out like a bandit! So, I bid, with Cameron's blessing, setting my maximum bid of $55 (seems about right to at least be WILLING to pay retail, even though I wouldn't have to...). I had no idea how naive I was. I was checking up periodically last night, and I remained the top bidder until at least 10:00 (12 hours from time of auction closing). When I woke up, after I got Andi dressed and ready for Joy School, I decided to check the progress. I was disheartened to find out that through the course of the night my bid had raised from $19.99 to $51. (So much for getting it below retail, I thought) I still had high hopes for getting it, because 15 minutes before auction closing I was still the high bid at $53. By this point, I had raised my max bid to $60 just to be on "the safe side". In the last 15 minutes, I watched that puppy jump from $60 to $93.00! That is what the winning bidder has to pay! I was thinking, You people are IDIOTS! You can wait until a week after Christmas, maybe 2, and get the same flippin' thing for $54.99! So, what I know for sure is that Andi will most likely not have that gift to unwrap on her birthday, but we will get her something cheap, and she'll have her party, and within a few weeks we'll take her to Walmart to get her "real" present. I hope you're proud of yourself jimmar6419! Shame on you for stockpiling toys, and then exploiting parents' love for their children! But ask me how I really feel about losing... What really makes me chuckle on the inside, is if the winning bidder would have just gotten on there last night they could have "bought it now" for $84.99! HA HA HA!!!

Sidenote: I just checked for these Camera's and the cheapest one is: $134.92! It's like the Tickle me Elmo, and the Cabbage Patch kids all over again!


Aubrey said...

That really sucks! We bought the one we got for Noah before Halloween I think, and at the time I got the last one at the store. Can you believe we're starting into that "we have to find this toy" phase of least we have the internet on our side.

Sami said...

I'm just glad that we were able to find the dollhouse she wanted, or she probably would have lost all faith in Santa too! I told Cameron that next year, all our Christmas shopping would be done before Thanksgiving... Now I'm really serious abou it!