Sunday, December 10, 2006

You weren't supposed to see that

Saturday we braved the crowds at Wal~Mart to buy our kids toys for Christmas. They had just seen Santa the night before, and Andi told him that she wanted a doll house. We were planning on getting her one of those anyway, so score one for us. We had split up to do our shopping in hopes that Andi would not find out what we were getting, or see what we got for Dylan or Peyton's Santa gift and then figure something out on Christmas morning. I took the boys and Sam took the girl.
If you've ever been in the toy department at Wal-Mart, you'll notice that they're not really that big. So I passed by Sam every now and then. I got Andi's doll house and stuck it underneath the cart so she wouldn't notice.
The next time we passed Sam and Andi, Andi pointed at the box underneath my cart and said "Hey look, it's my dollhouse! Thanks Daddy!" D'oh! So much for keeping that a secret. I quickly came up with a story about how I was going to take the box to Santa so he could see exactly what it is that she wants. I'm glad she's only almost 4. If she were any older she would probably ask why she couldn't go see Santa too, or find one of the many holes in my story. I'm going to have to learn to lie better.


Sami Carter said...

I thought it was very quick thinking for the spur of the moment... We decided next year we would be getting a babysitter, and avoiding the chance to be discovered.