Monday, December 18, 2006


Lately, Cameron and I have been debating about the possibility of having another baby. This is by no way an announcement of any kind, but since Peyton is nearly 8 months old, and we're usually expecting another one by the time our kids have their first birthday, the subject has come up. I'm pro having "just one more" to even out the score. Cameron is against it because we should "quit while we're ahead". We've been at a deadlock for weeks now, probably months, so we decided to take it to the jury. The other night we were driving home from the store, and this is the conversation (the best I could recall) that followed:

Me: "Andi, should mommy and daddy have another baby?"
Andi: "No"
Me: "No? You don't want another baby brother or sister?"
Andi: "No"
Me: "But if you have a sister, you can play dolls with someone."
Andi: "Momeeee" (in a slightly disgruntled tone)
Me: "Don't you want someone to play dolls with?"
Andi: "Nooooo."
Me: "Why not"
Andi: "Cause we've gots too much kids!"
Me: "Andi, am I annoying you?"
Andi: "Yes, stop annoying me, mommy!"

Cameron says we have to listen to her, I say the jury is still out. At least I know where she stands on the subject...

Added by Cameron:
We should listen to Andi. She's a smart girl. She knows that if we have one more kid we'll be stuck in mini van land for good. Who wants that?


mattandbecky said...

you are a brave girl, sami. we have our two girls and i'm still saying i'm not ready for another one yet. maybe once we move and get settled i'll change my mind, but for now it's enough to deal with hailey pulling sarah by the hair and pushing her over and fun things like that. nope, not ready for another one yet. i'd have to agree with andi on this one, at least in our case...for now.