Sunday, January 28, 2007


It's been 4 months since we moved to Texas, and until now we hadn't had to do anything at church besides watch our children. That's all gonna change now. Last week they gave us something to do. Sam is going to teach kids 5-6 years old, and I get to teach Sunday school to teenagers. I'm not sure what age it is or anything, but it's teenagers.

Teaching Sunday school to anyone is bad enough. But having to teach it to teenagers seems like it's going to stink. Why? Because I was a teenager not too long ago, and I know what teenagers are like. You have the super annoying ones that disrupt everything. Then you have the ones that don't listen, and if you ask them a question you get the blank stare and the "What?" (that was me). If you do happen to get a gospel related answer out of any of them, it's usually just the "go to church, read the scriptures, and say your prayers" variety.

A few more things that disturb me about teenagers are they smell because they haven't figured out the correct amount of deoderant to put on, they think they know everything so they assume everyone else is retarded, they vandalize stuff (keep your spray paint away from my stuff you teenage nimcumpoops!!!), and the pimples everywhere. Oh my.

I'll give this whole teaching teenagers the old college try. If things don't go so well, I gues I'll need to buy a sling shot or a Red Rider BB Gun and bring it to church. That's not frowned upon is it?


aubrey said...

Sorry Cameron I can't think of any way for you to get out of it. Teaching the teenagers is like being stuck in the nursery, minus the play dough of course.
However, I can think of a good way for Sam to get herself released...:) Just think, you could be out of there by Halloween!

Sami said...

Thanks Aubrey!
Just one more reason for us to have another kid. I think it's hilarious that Cameron has to teach teenagers. The only people he hates worse than Teenagers are bad drivers. Depending on the age group he teaches, he could have both...