Monday, January 15, 2007


So, I know that it may seem that every time I get on to post something, it turns into a gripe about my darling children...why mess with tradition? I thought this story was blogworthy, and if it gets long, I'm sorry. Here goes: Fairly recently, I have started watching the original Law and Order series. I really enjoy it, and since there are no animals singing, it stimulates the mind sometimes. On Thursday or Friday (I can't remember which) Andi was off to Joy School, and Peyton was down for a nap. I decided to take this time (since Dylan had no interest in taking a nap) to bond with my poor neglected middle child. We took some books into my bedroom after lunch, and settled in to read them. Dylan has the attention span, of well, a 2 year old, and quickly lost interest in reading. He found a toy plane or something on the floor, and started playing. I decided that since my bonding had failed, we could happily coexist in the same space while completely ignoring each other. I turned on the TV. Yeah! TNT's "primetime in the daytime" was showing syndicated episodes of Law and Order. Detectives Green and Brisco had just caught their suspect and were interrogating him. He wouldn't give them what they wanted to Green plays the bad cop, and grabs him by his shirt collar. Man, this is good TV! Just then, I hear Dylan yell. He looks pretty freaked out, and I don't know why. Had his plane just crashed? Did he need a diaper change? I told him to get on the bed with me. I start asking him what had happened. He starts in on this elaborate story of the "Big guy" hitting someone, and how it had scared him. That this big "blue GREEN yellow" guy was mean, and that he was going to go on his bike to save "that man". Took me a second, but I finally decided that he hadn't just been happily playing on the floor, but that he had seen the interrogation scene, and was now scared of Detective Green. I tried to explain that it was all make believe, and that there was nothing to be scared of, but when Cameron came home, he got an earful of details about the "Big Guy". It was really cute until later that night. Dylan insisted that the big guy was going to get him, and he ended up sleeping with us. The next day, we tried everything to get Dylan to give up the fear of the big guy. Cameron even concocted some crazy story about how the big guy had moved to Canada, but Dylan wasn't convinced. Slept with us again. No biggie, sometimes kids just need their parents, right? Well, last night, Cameron and I put the kids to bed, and settled in to watch the much anticipated 2 hour premier of 24. By this time there had been no mention of "the big guy" for 24 hours, so we thought we were in the clear. Just then, Andi leads Dylan to our bedroom door, and blurts out "There are monsters in our woom!" As if we didn't have enough troubles with Dylan already, let's go and throw monsters into the mix! After many attempts to get him to go to sleep in his own bed, and knowing that we definitely couldn't watch the "graphic violence" of 24 with him in the room, we threw in the towel (or so Dylan thought) and went to "sleep". Once Dylan was sound asleep, Cameron transferred him to his own bed, and we finally got to watch our show (starting at 10 instead of 7, thank you Tivo). But, who should join us in our bed around 4 am? Yeah. So, a little soon for Dylan to be watching Law and Order with me? Probably. Personally, I think Cameron is putting him up to it. What better way to avoid having another kid? Nice one Cameron!