Thursday, January 18, 2007


Like I said in my previous post, the kids and I went over to the Crookston's last night while the men cleaned the temple. Cameron packed the diaper bag, so I didn't know we didn't have baby food for Peyton, until we were sitting down to eat. Luckily, Aubrey had a jar of Gerber's "Banana Apple Strawberry" and was happy to share. Peyton downed the whole jar, and then ate some of my english muffin from my mini pizza. He loved it, but his immune system did not! I was changing his diaper, and putting him in pajamas when I noticed a rash. Not just a simple diaper rash, or heat rash, but HIVES! Hundreds of mesquito bite looking things all over my poor baby's chest and belly! I asked Aubrey if she knew where this might have come from. I think the answer hit us at the same time: THE STRAWBERRIES! It was the only ingredient in the baby food that he had never had before. I got him in his pj's while Aubrey found the Benadryl. Funny thing (if you can call it funny) is that Peyton (currently 9 months old...almost) was clawing at the zipper of his jammies, like he couldn't stand the itching. We changed him into a T-Shirt, and rubbed some corizone cream on his chest. He seemed to get better, but since the hives had started appearing on his face, we called the after hours nurse at our Pediatrician's office. Luckily, no trip to the emergency room was necessary, but I was strictly instructed to never give him strawberries again, unless directed to do so by the pediatrician. So there ya go, Peyton is allergic to strawberries, a shame really, they're really good eatin'.


mattandbecky said...

Boy, does that bring back memories. A day before Hailey turned a year old...we were on vacation in San Antonio with Matt's family and Matt came into the room where I was sleeping (Pregnant with Sarah at the time)...poor Hailey had eaten a tiny bite of a cookie and broke out in the worst hives I'd ever seen. I think the only other time I'd seen hives was from Marji, our roommate. So, like a paranoid mother, I freaked out and poor Hailey had to deal with the hives for a couple days before they were totally gone. Dang nuts in the cookie.

Sami said...

That's so funny, Becky, because when I saw Peyton's hives, I told Aubrey (I think) all about Marji and how she broke out in hives like clockwork every night. Poor Marji... so is Hailey allergic to all nuts then?

mattandbecky said...

We don't really know...we just try and avoid them until we get her tested for specific ones. We have to be careful with things that say "made using equipment that also processes peanuts and tree nuts." With some things she's ok and with others she breaks out.