Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Put It Back

Last week I ended up having to go to the dentist because I lost a filling. I spent an obscene amount of time in the dentist's office (sorry, Jared), and I ended up needing to get a crown put on my tooth. They cast a mold for the crown (The paste they use for that is totally disgusting, and you have to keep it in your mouth for at least six minutes. That should be one of those events on Fear Factor) and sent me on my way with a temporary crown to last me the two weeks it takes to make the crown. They said to call in if it fell off. It's nice to know they have such confidence in their work.

Well today it fell off. I called the dentist office at about 6:00, and the office was closed. However, I did get a hold of the dentist. He asked if the tooth was bothering me, and if it wasn't I could just stick the crown back on with toothpaste. I assumed he meant toothpaste like Crest, and not some sort of tooth paste like Elmer's.

I must say that filling a temporary crown with mint flavored toothpaste and then placing it on an exposed, sensitive tooth doesn't exactly feel good. But I did it, and I'd rather keep doing it now and then for another week than go in to the office and wait for two or three hours for them to get around to sticking it back on.

The bill for my appointment was over $300. It didn't include the dentist handing me five fifty dollar bills. What a rip off.