Friday, January 19, 2007


Today I ended up staying home from work to help Sam watch our kids in addition to the two oldest Crookston kids. She can handle 3 on 1 pretty well, but 5 on 1 is something else when all the kids are under 5. I thought it was funny that their ages were 4 (Andi), 3 (Noah), 2 (Dylan), 1 (Tess), and 0 (Peyton). I called into work this morning and left a message for my boss to let him know that I wasn't going in.

Jared picked his kids up for lunch and a nap, so we were left with just our kids for the afternoon. After we had lunch, we sent our kids upstairs to watch a movie or play with toys or light things on fire, whatever it is they do while we watched some TV by ourselves.

Since we have satellite TV, when someone calls our home phone the caller ID shows up on the TV screen. A number popped up on the screen, and it was from work, and I recognized it as my boss's number. So, I get up to search for the phone. It took me a while to remember where it was, and that it had been left upstairs. Where the kids were. One of those kids likes to answer the phone. I reached the top of the stairs, asked "Where's the phone?", and saw that Andi had decided to answer it.

Luckily my boss is a cool guy and has a boy about Andi's age, so he got a laugh out of it. I'm just glad that when I was explaining to Andi about having a boss the other day, I didn't say anything like "My boss is a poo." That could have been bad.