Sunday, January 07, 2007

Anagram names

On our family website, my aunt pointed us to this website ( It makes anagrams out of any words that you type in, so you can put in your name and see what kind of stuff it comes up with. My family's names turned out like this:

Cameron Carter: A Creme Corn Rat or A Man Corrector
Samantha Carter: A Cam Hater Rants
Andreia Carter: A Nectar Raider (She does like juice)
Dylan Carter: Clean Dry Rat
Peyton Carter: Rent Carpet Yo

It gives a ton of different anagrams, some of which don't make any sense, but some are pretty fun (like Sam's name). If nothing else, it's something you can do if you're bored.


aubrey said...

Yours are pretty good. I didn't look very long but nothing really funny jumped out at me (except a couple of lines about "coke snort..." on Tess').

aubrey said...

Okay I lied...we looked after Jared got home and found some good ones! We had to go full names to get anything really good but one on Tess' list said Craziest Lesson Took...hahahaha. And there was one for Tate that said Bathmat Cooking Resort, hmmm maybe that's how I'll lose the baby weight. I can have anything I am willing to eat off of the bathmat. I can feel myself losing weight already. Still looking for a really good one for Noah though...