Friday, February 02, 2007

Strange way of showing it!

Yesterday, I babysat Noah Crookston so that Aubrey and Jared could take their other two kids to the doctor. Not an abnormal occurance by any means, our kids have kinda started to melt together to be more like extentions of the other family. I have posted many times the drama that goes on between Andi and Noah, but yesterday was a little different...The kids were all upstairs playing (except Peyton who was doing his best to try to sleep through the noise) while I was downstairs trying to use the time to be productive. Hard to be productive when you have to go referee every 15 minutes. Dylan had been a real butt all morning, had scratched Peyton, and hit Andi across the face with a toy car, leaving a nice red mark, and tiny bruise. Because of this, it was no surprise to me that I heard Noah crying more than once. I think he was confused, because every time I went up to ask what had happened, he would say Andi hit him. Maybe he just couldn't remember Dylan's name, or maybe he was just crying too much for me to be able to descipher exactly which name he had said...who knows? Dylan was continuously being put in time out because Andi would agree that Noah was telling the truth about Dylan. Lunch was great, the kids were sharing, and eating, and having fun. Noah turns to me and tells me that Dylan is his "best buddy" (along with his dad, of course). I asked if Andi was his best buddy too, and he said "No, she's my best girl." About an hour or so after lunch, and after many more referee sessions that required Dylan to give Noah hugs in apology (and a kiss that made Noah obviously uncomfortable) I was in my "last straw" mode when I heard Noah crying again. Not just crying, He was near hysterical! Turns out the kids had been playing with a plastic container under the bed, and some how, it hit Noah on the back of the head. I put Dylan in another time out, telling him that he had to stay in his separate room until Noah had gone home. Then Noah said that "Handy did it too...she hit me in the neck with that fing!) He did have a slightly red mark, so I thought it best to trust him even though Andi denied the allegations. Both Carter defendants were now in time out, leaving Noah to play by himself, or come down and hang out with me until his parents came to get him. No surprise, he got bored with me after about 45 seconds, and started asking if he could play with "Handy". I explained over and over, that I was not going to put him in the position to let my kids beat on him anymore, so he couldn't play with them anymore that day. Finally, he broke down and told me that Andi hadn't really hit him, and asked if now he could go play with her! Our kids may all be best friends, but sometimes that have a funny way of showing it!


aubrey said...

Geez...some people's kids. :)