Thursday, February 08, 2007

Driving Miss...Who?

Now here's a story that makes me look like a neglectful parent (depending, of course on when the events actually transpired...). Yesterday morning while I was getting dressed, Andi was playing with some little plastic keys she has, and I noticed the end was broken off of one of them. I automatically think that these keys are just the right size to fit in a light socket, and so I panic and asked her what happened to her key. She told me that it had gotten stuck. I prodded her further with questions of where it could have gotten stuck. She became somewhat exasperated with me, and told me that it had gotten stuck in "daddy's dresser". I was doubtful, but when she proceeded to search around the area where Cameron's dresser is for the missing peice to show me, I was satisfied, and went about my morning business. An hour or so later I was upstairs nursing Peyton, (why is it that everything of great urgency happens when you are otherwise occupied? ie: in the bathroom, in the shower, or tethered to the couch, nursing a baby) when Andi starts crying from the back room (the one that will eventually be hers, once we have it painted, and furniture for her). She just keeps screaming: It's stuck! It's stuck in there! I can't get it out! Help me mommy! I ask her what's stuck, and where it got stuck, but she just keeps saying: The key, it broke, it broke in there, I can't get it out! Apparently it had gotten stuck in a hole, but where? Then my earlier flash of panic came back to me when I realized that the back room was the only room upstairs that did NOT have light socket protectors! I race to that back room, only to have my worry confirmed. There, in the light socket by the window, was the end of the aforementioned key. I don't know which one of them did it, I'm not even entirely sure when it happened, but socket protectors are going in today, and the keys are history. Luckily nobody was hurt, and Cameron was able to fix everything. I don't know where they were "driving", but it better be to get a good lawyer! What's next...a toy car in the VCR?