Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not Cool!

The following things are not cool

Have you ever seen one of those Dateline shows where they catch online sexual predators? It's kind of scary to think that stuff like that happens nowadays. Luckily it always happens in faraway places like Jacksonville, or New Jersey, or Rockwall county Texas. Hey wait a minute, that's the county that WE live in! Ah, crap! Where the heck did I move to?

Andi and I were playing bolwing on our Nintendo Wii (which is totally awesome!!!) We were being polite and sharing. Andi said that Jesus is happy when we share. I confirmed that he is. Then she said "Jesus wants us to have another baby." Come again?

Sam and I went on a date Friday night, which was cool because it was time together away from the children. We decided to go to a movie because, well, could you really see us clubbing or something like that? Honestly, we're the two geekiest white people in the world. Anyway, we went to see Because I Said So. After we saw Something's Gotta Give a while back, I told myself to never watch another movie with Diane Keaton in it. Why didn't I listen to me? If you've seen both of those movies, you know what I'm talking about.

I didn't pay attention in English classes when they taught me what to do with titles of stuff when I'm writing. I'm going with italics for movie titles today.

Another power bill? I just paid one of those last month.

Every now and then I decide "I'm going to stop drinking Mountain Dew this week" as part of starting on my New Year's resolution. I should know better than that. I really should stop drinking it, but I'm not a quitter.

My uncle's family in this picture (sorry guys). This is why there aren't gangs in Wyoming.


Aubrey said...

I totally agree that electric bills are uncool. Stupid electric furnace...

Cam said...

I wrote this before I actually heard what our power bill is this month. Wow. You could feed a family in Haiti for two years on that much money.

Jared said...

Now if only you could feed that Haitian family in exchange for them running on treadmills to power your house, eh?

Cam said...

They would probably happily do it, too.