Monday, February 26, 2007

Popular Shows I Will Not Watch

I have decided to not watch the following shows:

Grey's Anatomy
I don't care how many people say it's a great show and blah blah blah. I've seen it advertised on Lifetime. Strike One. It's on Thursday nights against CSI and Scrubs. Strike Two. And it has that guy from the movie from the 80's that threw poop at his friends house. What a jerk. Strike three.

Desperate Housewives
Because I'm a guy.

American Idol
I made the mistake of watching a whole season of this a while back. We had some friends that convinced us it was cool. Well, it's not cool. They should rename this show to Dorks Singing Karaoke or Bleeding Eardrums. If I want to listen to someone try to sing who really can't sing, I can sing in the shower, or buy a Cake CD.

Idiots living together on an island. The first two or three seasons were mildly entertaining. What are they up to now, 20? They should change their slogan to "If you can't get enough of watching idiots argue with each other at work, come watch Survivor, Thursdays on CBS."

CSI: Miami
You're really pushing it there Horatio Cane. I haven't completely given up on this show because it helps me get to sleep on Monday nights.

Two and a Half Men
I first watched this show thinking it would be another forensic type show. It turns out that it's Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Sheen. He's really branching out there.

I could keep going, but I won't. (You're welcome.) Horatio just took off his glasses to talk to somebody, and I need some shut eye.


Aubrey said...

Fabulous. Your list of six shows contains three of my favorites...

Tiffany said...

Well we think along the same lines, you only hit one of my favorite shows.