Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl!!!

Super Bowl XXIX. Sweet.

I have many fond memories of watching the Super Bowl. A lot of them come from Super Bowl XXIX, when the 49ers killed the Chargers. Good times. Then there was Super Bowl XXXII when I was on my mission in the DR. The power had gone out (which happens all the time there), so we had to watch the entire game from a Colmado that had a generator. (well, we didn't have to watch it, but we did). Also good times.

It makes me feel bad for people who don't like football and don't have such memories. People like my brothers in law. My wife's brothers never watched sports as kids. They would rather watch Annie, Newsies, or Grease, or do each other's hair, or whatever it is they do. Sam's sister Meg's husband, Sam, is from Ghana, so he's ok. Then there's the other one, Josh, he doesn't like football either. Yeah, they're all a bunch of dorks. If any of them read this, I'm not sorry. What is wrong with you?

Sam was actually just on the phone with her sister Brooks, and she said "Who's playing, the Cubs?" Oh my goodness, these people need help.

I'm breaking out my mad photoshop skills.
Go Peyton.

Anyway, the Super Bowl of course is tomorrow. We're cheering for the Colts. Why? Because I can't be yelling "Smash Peyton! Squish him! Get him, get him" at the TV without some bad consequences coming out of it.

I'm gonna get all John Madden on you now and make some game analysis. First of all, whoever scores the most points is going to win this game. So, a major key to victory is scoring points. They should also avoid jumping into the stands to punch a heckler, because if you jump in the stands and start a riot, that can't be good for your team.

The Bears will not win because they did not record a Super Bowl Shuffle remix. Chicago has not won the Super Bowl any year that they did not make a music video. Bad move guys.

I am looking forward to the game, kind of the commercials, and I'm glad the NFL gave us a good break at halftime by scheduling Prince. I've never listened to a Prince song all the way through, and I don't intend to start.