Friday, July 28, 2006

He's No Reggie Bush

The Niners signed their #1 draft pick today. He is now making more money than any other tight end in the league, and he hasn't played a game yet. I read that this guy is some freak of nature that weighs 250 but runs a 4.3 40 yard dash. If only he could play defense, running back, maybe wide receiver.

He did do this, so he is pretty tough. Hopefully he can do that against NFL defensive backs.

I still think it's dumb that the 49ers didn't tank their last two games so they could get Reggie Bush. Davis here might have some crazy dreds, but I haven't seen highlights of him jumping over people and juking people out or anything like that. All they had to do was lose their last two games, and Bush was theirs for the taking. But no. "Let's go out on a good note. Let's get some momentum going for next season." Yeah, that's a great idea. Now they have a freak of a tight end, but now running back and well, not much of anything. I wonder who they'll pick when they're picking first next year. I hope they get going in the right direction soon. I don't want my kids spending their formative years cheering for the new Detriot Lions.