Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Feel So Cheated

Mmmmm Pop Tarts

This morning I was in a hurry to get to work, so I didn’t have to time sit down and eat any breakfast. (Fruity Pebbles aren’t as good as when I was a kid). So, on the way out of the door I got into our pantry and grabbed the last package of Pop Tarts. Boy was I lucky they were there. On the way to work I was looking at the shiny silver package and wondering if I should open it to curb my hunger pangs. No, I thought, I’ll save it for when I get to my desk so I can really enjoy it.

So, I get to work and sit down at my desk. I do the usual morning stuff like log on to my computer, get some water to drink, throw a crumpled paper at my geeky co worker. (Wait, I’m the geeky one, it’s not so funny). When all that’s done, I go to open my Pop Tart. Ah, I could already taste the sweet deliciousness of the Cinnamon and Brown Sugar package of calorie packed goodness. But then I notice that something is wrong. The package had already been opened. There was one Pop Tart missing! No!!! I’ll only get to enjoy half as much. Well that just ruined my morning.

After a while, I recovered from that devastating psychological blow. I took the one Pop Tart out of the package, and took a bite. Who replaced my Pop Tart with this stale piece of cardboard? Sick! So, not only did someone in my household take one of the Pop Tarts out of the last package, they left the other one in there to get stale and nasty. That nasty, stale Pop Tart was a shimmer of hope for me to get through until lunch. Now my hopes and dreams are dashed and scattered forever (until lunch). I guess I can make it until lunch on water and stored body fat (I have enough of that to make it two weeks). But I don’t have to be happy about it.


sami said...

I guess technically that is my fault. After all, it's hard not to give into your kid when they are chasing you around the house with knives chanting "pop tart". I caved! I can't help it, how was I to know that your life is so sad that pop tarts are the highlight of your morning? I like to think that waking up with me every morning is enough to make your life happy. I guess, sadly, I was wrong, and I will buy you some more poptarts.

Cam said...

How did the kids get to the knives? Dang it, they always win when they get the knives.

And just so you know, Pop Tarts aren't the highlight of my morning. It is waking up with you my shmoopie.