Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cory's Wedding

Cory and Misty.

Cory got married this weekend, on June 30th in the Logan Temple. Despite the the long long drive, getting to see the family was fun. We don't get together all that often any more since we're all grown up, so when we do it's nice. Jared was on call for work, and I had to be at work the next Monday, so we didn't have a whole lot of time together. Jared and I had some "Baby, it's what's for dinner", and "Get in my belly!" jokes at Peyton's expense. It was good fun.

Grandpa is Dylan's buddy.

It was nice to see my dad this weekend. His blood pressure has been 210 over 130 for a while, so we're all worried about him. His doctor has said that he could have a stroke or a heart attack at any time because of it. He has an appointment on Thursday with a cardiologist in Salt Lake. Mom told me today that if they need to, they'd take him into surgery right away to fix any problems. That's kind of scary. You never know what can happen. So, I'm hoping that dad didn't want to see us so bad because he was expecting this to be his last chance to see everyone. That would not be good. So, we'll just wait to see what happens I guess.

So now we're back home and ready to get back in the swing of things. It's nice being home after a long trip. It's just so nice to stretch out your legs, move around, and not have to worry about closing your eyes. So I think we're done with traveling for the summer, except maybe a trip to Sacramento for the temple open house. Now we can start paying off the credit card for all the gas and hotel rooms we've had to get the past two months. Now that's fun (or something).


Anonymous said...

Cory and Misty look so happy, and not at all like they had just made the biggest mistake of their lives. The picture of Dylan with Grandpa makes me sad. Mostly because I know that if (heaven forbid) anything should happen to him, Dylan would have a REALLY hard time with it. You think it was hard to see Andi telling great grandma to wake up, imagine seeing Dylan cry when he says goodbye to grandpa. Just breaks my heart.