Friday, July 21, 2006


Last Saturday we were at the video store trying to find something to watch. There really isn't anything good in the New Release section lately (Although I'm secretly dying to see "She's the Man".) I went by the TV section, and saw Lost Season 1. I had heard some good things about the show, but never started watching it. So, we rented the first disc to see what it was like.

Lost is cool. It's one of those shows that peaks your interest from the first episode. From what we've seen so far, they do a good job of telling you who the characters are while advancing the overall plot of the series. It's interesting too. The episodes are over before you know it. We've already watched 3 1/2 of the discs because we'll get to the end of an episode, and want to watch more. (We did the same thing last summer with 24, and that was really cool because they had 4 seasons out on DVD.) I'm not going to be one of those dorks who give their own summaries of what happens on the show. Those people bother me. I'll just say it's pretty darn cool, and leave it at that.

Lost Superbowl commercial. Cool stuff.


Jared said...

That's a pretty sweet commercial. I hadn't seen it before.

Cam said...

It is pretty cool. Bad thing about it is it's a song that can easily get stuck in your head.