Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby On the Way

So, Sam had a doctor appointment yesterday to make sure everything was going fine with the baby and everything. They did another ultrasound, and everything is looking fine. She's still a girl (yeah), and the extra fluid that was in her kidney at the last ultrasound was not there any more. They estimated that she weighs 4 1/2 lbs now. Everything is looking fine so far.

We were able to set the induction date. If you're wonder why we get to set induction dates, it's because Sam's heart is super messed up, and it's probably best if I don't have to deliver the baby at home or on the interstate. Anyway, Soni's birthday will be November 29th, unless she decides to come sooner. If I'm doing my math right, that is six weeks from now. Holy crap.

Some uninteresting facts about her birth:
She'll be our third child born on a Thursday (Peyton was the only one not).
She's breaking the having a kid every 20 months pattern by two days.
She'll be our only kid not born in an even year.
Come tax time, she'll be another deduction. Woo hoo!
She will share a birthday with Don Cheadle and Howie Mandel, and lots of other people.


Sami said...

Peyton and Soni will actually be 19 months and 10 days apart, so I'm not sure how Cameron was working his math on that one. Andi and Dylan are 7 days short of being 20 months apart (meaning 19 months and however many days), while Dylan and Peyton are EXACTLY 20 months apart. We must be insane!

Cocoa said...

Hey, is you move the date up to November 27 then Soni will share a birthday with me! I'm going to be turning the BIG 3-0!

Glad everything looks good to go. Good luck Sami!

janalee said...

Congratulations! :) and good luck

mattandbecky said...

I am glad things are going well for you and the baby, Sami. I've been thinking about you and have wanted to call you...things have been a little crazy with our baby...c-section scheduled for Monday but I spent most of yesterday either at the doctor or the hospital being monitored. The baby is getting a little anxious, I guess, but eventually things slowed down and they sent me home. I would be surprised if I ever had a "normal" pregnancy. Oh, and Cameron, you think 6 weeks is bad, try 4 days. Yikes.