Friday, October 05, 2007

I Get Confused

I'm not the most observant man in the world. One example of that is if two people have a similar characteristic, I get them confused or think that they are the same person. Some famous people I swear are just one person going by different names. Here's a few example of people that look the same to me.

Skeet Ulrich and Johnny Depp

Meryl Streep and Glenn Close
On a side note, both of those names sound like they could be a guy

James Caviezel and John Stockton

On another side not, James Caviezel was in an episode of "The Wonder Years" and he played the star on the basketball team. He looked like John Stockton so much I wondered why Karl Malone wasn't on the court too.

Ok, one more example of people that look the same to me....

Har har har.

I do have a point to all of this. Today one of the analysts in my group at work asked me to go talk with one of the users to get some information. Well it turns out that the guy I was going to talk to looks slightly similar to another guy who has an office two doors down from him. (When I say they look similar, it means they're both white dudes over 40.)

I was going to talk to Bruce who "looks like" Jerry. I wasn't sure where Bruce's office was, so I went walking in the general direction. I passed Jerry's office, and nobody was in there. I found Bruce's office and went in.

Ok, the guy behind the desk was either Bruce or Jerry. The wall outside of the office has a nameplate that says "Bruce ...", the desk has a nameplate on it that says "Bruce ...", the guy was sitting behind the desk, and he was doing some work on the computer. Anyone with half a brain would have thought, "Ok, this is Bruce." Apparently I don't have half a brain. I was so sure that this guy was Jerry, without even taking into account the obvious signs that this was Bruce.


I take two steps into the room and say "Hey, is Bruce here?"


He kind of looked at me and probably thought "Nope, I traded offices with him and liked his nameplate so much I thought I'd keep it. Here's your sign". He said "I'm Bruce." I should have known.

If Jerry was a chick, there would be a 75% chance that I would have figured that one out before I opened my mouth.



Tiffany said...

In your dreams Cam!!

aubrey said...

Or maybe Sam's dreams...

Tiffany said...

Oh yes, that is good Aubrey. LOL

Mandy said...

Thanks Cam, I'm glad you so readily share your silly mistakes so we can all laugh at you. You have a great sense of humor, I can tell there is never a boring day in the Carter household. Thanks for making me laugh. You do have a point with some of those celebrities though. I saw the movie eragon and the main character and the guy playing his cousin looked so much alike I couldn't tell them apart. Who would put look alikes together in the same scene of the same movie? That just confuses people like me.

Cam said...

There are plenty of dull moments in the Carter household. Usually our brains are too fried from chasing the kids to put together a rational thought.

Cam said...

That could also explain how I end up confusing myself with Brad Pitt.