Monday, October 29, 2007

Knock on Wood.

This weekend has been pretty eventful. First, was the Joy School Halloween party on Friday afternoon. I forgot to take the camera or camcorder with me, so once I get copies from those who were more prepared, I will post them on here. Friday night, Cameron and I had tickets to "Time Out for Couples" which was being held in Plano. We were a tad late dropping our kids off at the Crookston's house, and we were worried we wouldn't get a good seat, so we hit the McDonald's drive through, and went on our way. That is, until we found a speed trap in Lavon county the hard way. You see, there's this stretch of road that is marked 55 until you come up around this little curve, and it immediately switches to 45. The speed limit stays at 45 for probably close to a mile, and then switches back to 55. We were clocked going 61 in a 45. The nice officer (who Cameron will "be bitter with until the day he dies") came to the window and asked for license and proof of insurance. While I dig around frantically in the glove box for the proof of insurance I knew wasn't there (we had just switched insurance companies in the last month or so, and had neglected to put the new card in the car.) I heard Cameron making conversation with the officer. Saying things like: "I guess we were a little excited to get away from the kids." The officer probably asked us 3 times where we were going in such a hurry. When the cop went back to his car with Cameron's license and expired proof of insurance, I joked with Cameron that he should have told him that I was in labor. We of course decided against it, because it would be dishonest, but it made for a funny joke between us. After receiving our 2 tickets, we were back on our way. Time out for Couples was really good, and I got to buy a pretty cool frame while we were there. We picked our kids up around 11, and went home.
The next morning was Super Saturday. Aubrey was in charge, and I was teaching the most popular class, so we went early to set up. Aubrey picked me up at 7:15, and we spent a good portion of the morning hauling things into the church from the van. By "things" I mean boxes of frames that probably weighed upwards of 60 pounds, and other odds and ends, the lightest of which was probably at least 20 pounds. Every time I would pick something up, Aubrey would look at me and say "I'm not so sure you should be lifting that." I just kept telling her that I was fine, and not to worry. After all, sure I'm 8 months pregnant, but that "delicate condition" thing only applies if it's your first baby...right? Super Saturday got underway, and was going quite well, until my back started to ache. I wasn't surprised, I mean, I had done quite a bit of bending and lifting, I would take some Tylenol when I got home. The weird thing about this backache though, was that it wasn't a constant ache. It would ache, go away for about 5 minutes, and then come back. I guess I started looking a little uncomfortable, because several of the women there kept asking if I was alright. I assured them I was fine, it was just a backache. After all, I was supposed to have 5 more weeks to prepare for Soni's arrival. By the time I realized the contractions weren't stopping with changes in position, Aubrey had switched into ultra organized mode, convincing me that I really needed to call Cameron, while she called Jared, and arranged for my kids to be taken care of. Also assuring that Noah and Andi wouldn't have to miss the birthday party they were supposed to go to later that day. Cameron dropped Dylan and Peyton off with Jared, and brought Noah and Andi to the church. From there, Cameron and I left the church and headed for Dallas. My doctor, of course, was out of town, so I got ahold of the on call doc, and she called the hospital ahead to warn them I would be coming. I was hooked up to a monitor, and sure enough, the contractions were coming every 7 minutes. I was tested for a bladder infection, and kidney stones, to rule out those as possible culprits for things being "stirred up". After 6 hours of monitoring, having contractions every 7-10 minutes, it was determined that I had just overdone it that day, and sent my uterus into an irritable state. I hadn't made any progress (dilation-wise), so the doctor gave me the choice to either go home, or to stay and be monitored throughout the night. I opted to go home. After lots of fluids and even more rest, the contractions finally stopped, and we are still anticipating Soni's arrival to be November 29th. But I have vowed never to joke about "being in labor" again. or at least, remember to knock on wood after I do.


Tiffany said...

Umm, listening to good friends is a good thing. Many, many times I have found them to be smarter than I am. Obviously on your Super Saturday, Aubrey-was smarter than you. Knock, Knock I'm glad to hear that things turned out okay. Aubrey next time, knock her on the head, so she will listen.

aubrey said...

Oh, don't worry. We've all had a good time at Sam's expense. Sorry Sam...don't get your uterus in a twist.