Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today in History

Ok, so it's nearly the end of today (June 13th), but I saw this weird entry on a "Today in History" thing.

1920: US Postal Service rules children may not be sent via parcel post.

I wonder if that means if you were a parent in 1919 that you could have shipped your kids to grandma's house for a week via USPS. If so, did they chrage by the pound, or the number of questions asked. "Let's see, Silent Bob there is going to cost you a nickel, but "Are we there yet?" Sally will set you back ten dollars."

Also today in history:

2007: I went to softball practice today. For some reason I thought I could do without strethcing or warming up, even though I haven't really ran in three years and I haven't swung a bat or thrown a ball in five years. I got home and went to pour myself a glass of water, and I had to have Sam do it for me because I couldn't lift the water pitcher. I'm afraid that I'll have to sleep on my computer chair because I don't know if my legs can lift my unreasonably large torso. Live and learn, I guess.


Aubrey said...

Oh, Man! There is one more reason to add to my list of 'Why I Need a Time Machine.'
"Alright honey, you have you bunny and your blanket? Okay, good. Now don't eat the packing peanuts and tell Grandma that I said hi. Love you. Have a good trip. Bu-Bye."