Sunday, June 17, 2007

Supersize the Fries For the Little Woman

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary. I went all out and took Sam to Wendy's for dinner. I even let her Biggie Size her fries and drink. I'm a great husband. I didn't even get in trouble for making that our anniversary dinner. Why? Because before dinner we went to a Kenny Chesney concert. It was pretty darn cool. Taylor Swift and Sugarland were the opening acts. Sam just bought the Taylor Swift CD, so she was excited about seeing her in concert. Sugarland was pretty good. I knew more of their songs than I thought I did. Kenny Chesney was pretty awesome.

The concert was at Pizza Hut Park, which is an outdoor soccer stadium. It was also raining, a lot. We got soaked. Sam's wallet was in the back pack that we took. The money that was inside her wallet was soaking wet. Even though it was raning that much, we had a lot of fun. Now I need to get Sam to stop calling me Kenny.

Here are some pictures we took.

This is the view we had from our seats. Pretty good, eh? We ordered the tickets the first day we could, so we had a pretty good view. The blonde lady that's in the picture that was in front of us was hammered even before Taylor Swift started, so it was pretty funny to watch her try to stand on her chair when Kenny Chesney came on.

Taylor Swift's set was pretty good. I can't believe she's only 17 and is on tour.

As you can see I Was an idiot and didn't take a jacket or rain coat or anything. Brilliant! That's how wet I was before it really started raining.

That's just something they had up while they were setting up for Kenny.

Here's a picture of one of the big screens. He may be good looking with his hat on, but when he takes it off he looks like Gollum from "Lord of the Rings".

We could actually see him when all the drunk teenagers stopped standing on their chairs.


Tiffany said...

That is so awesome that you got to see Kenny. Drew took me to see Tim McGraw a couple of years ago, and he bought me Rascal Flatts tickets for August 3rd, for Valentine's Day. What a guy huh????

mattandbecky said...

Wow. How fun. That's so cool that you got to see Kenny Chesney. Taylor Swift is pretty good and I've really been liking Sugarland lately. We don't get any cool concerts here in Lubbock. Matt keeps trying to convince me that this is a great place to live but so far it is not working :( happy Anniversary!

Sami said...

I gotta tell ya, it was the only time I can remember intentionally standing out in terrential rain. Not only that, but we paid quite a bit of money for the PRIVILEGE to stand out in the downpour! It was a lot of fun though. The storm drain up by the souveneir stand was clogged with a bunch of garbage, so we got to stand in a puddle 2-3 inches deep while waiting to get our t-shirts! I would have gladly done it again though. GREAT SHOW! I love Kenny...I mean Cameron;)