Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Let's Go Rangers

The Cub Scouts in our ward got group tickets to a Rangers game Tuesday night. Since Jared is in the Cub Scouts he knew about it, and since I have a way cool wife, she was willing to let me go to the game with Dylan. We had a pretty good time.

We had seats up in the nose bleeds, but you could still see the game pretty well. The first inning was pretty cool. The Rangers loaded the bases, and the fifth batter hit a Gran Slam. The next batter hit a triple, and they ended up scoring six runs in the first inning. We ate dinner there, which included a hot dog, a drink and a bag of Cracker Jacks, which all came to $16.75. I wonder why ballparks, Disneyland, and movie theaters have no sense of how much things cost in the real world. "How much is a hot dog? Let's say $4.50, that sound good. A cup of soda? $5.00, yeah that's about right." If I could get my hands on the people that makes those decisions, I would give them a stern talking to.

These (above) were not our seats

This is my attempt of a panoramic picture from where we were sitting.

Dylan lost interest in the game about the third inning. I took him walking around the park and I bought him a hat. He had no interest in wearing the hat at all. Its like the hat was a symbol of him missing his bedtime , and he was not happy with it. By the seventh inning he was crawling around me, the floor, other people desperately seeking comfort. He tried to eat stuff off the ground, but luckily I caught him before he got anything. I think.

He looked happy for a little while.

The Rangers closer Gagne got the save to end the game, and when I said the game was over, Dylan got excited and said "The game's over? Yeah!" It was the most excited he was all night. After the game was over, he would actually hold his new hat, and he said he had fun.

I thought it was way cool. Just walking in the stadium and seeing the size of it was amazing. We even got to see Sammy Sosa bat, so that was awesome. All in all it was a very fun, and we'll have to do it again sometime.

You can't really tell, but the white blip by home plate is Sammy Sosa.


Aubrey said...

So I look at your little photoshopped picture and said, out loud, "Those were good seats. You can see everything." Jared quickly came back with, "Everything except the ball."

Cam said...

That's very true. At least the tickets were only $2.