Monday, June 18, 2007


So, for father's day, Sam got me a couple of cool gifts. She got me a t-shirt that says "A wife, 3.5 kids, and a minivan... I make it look GOOD!"

Oh yeah, for those who don't know, Sam's pregnant again. Oops. She's due December 8th, and could be induced as early as November 28th. We'll keep you updated as needed.

Anyway, the other thing she got me was a cool watch that has a picture of her and the kids in the face. Here's a link to where she got it from. I think it's pretty cool. I wore it to work and showed off my cool time piece to my jealous co-workers. "Ha ha, my wife is cooler than yours!"

At one point during the day, I was walking through the parking lot on my way to another building. Being the big clutzy lughead that I am, I bumped into a car. It was mainly my left wrist that bumped the car. When the bumping happened, I heard a crack, and I thought "What the heck was that?" I looked at my new watch, and I had cracked the face of it. D'oh!!!

It takes a special kind of person to break a watch less than a week after he gets it. That special person is me. If my kids are ever told "Your dad is so stupid, he got hit by a parked car!", they can't deny it.

I'm hoping that I can get the face of it fixed somewhere. If not, I'll have to listen to my annoying co-workers asking what time it is for a while.


Tiffany said...

YYYEEEAAAHHH, congrats guys!! I'm happy for you.

Sami said...

Thanks Tiffany! I'm just glad to be getting over the morning sickness.

As for the watch, I got ahold of a very nice lady in Customer Service at the place I ordered it from, and she told me that the warehouse that makes them is really good about fixing that kind of thing if it's still under warranty. Good thing, because apparently Walmart "won't fix them if they were not purchased there." Oh, and then the jewelry lady will hang up on you abruptly after calling your husband a dummy.

Aubrey said...

Geez Cameron! Way to go! There's a store in the mall in Mesquite called Fast-Fix Jewelry repair, I'll bet that they can do it. Though it'll probably cost you an arm and a leg since they want $15 for a watch battery.

Hey, what time is it?

Cam said...

Not funny, Aubrey.