Sunday, November 05, 2006

A little help from the siblings

Today, since Peyton has gotten really good at sitting by himself, I decided to leave him upstairs to play with toys while I went to help Cameron re-setup the crib (that's a whole other story). I came back out of the baby's room to check on some crying, and I find Peyton standing, holding onto the couch, and looking terrified. Andi was sitting close by, so I inquired what had happened. She proudly told me that she had picked him up, and that he liked it. Sometimes I wonder how much he likes the things that she says he does. For another example, Cameron and I were making dinner this evening, and I hear an ear peircing scream come from Peyton. I go to investigate, and find Dylan standing over him with a water bottle. Peyton was completely soaked from the top of his head to his waist. I guess the baby was thirsty.
Cameron tried to think a few steps ahead, and told Andi that Peyton is too little to go down the stairs, to prevent her trying anything. I fear he may have just given her ideas. I guess it's about time to baby proof the stairs! How my little sister (#3 in the family) lived to be a teenager, I'll never know. At this rate, Peyton will be lucky to see age 3.