Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School's Out For . . . Wednesday

Mother Nature blessed us with a 1/4 inch of ice covering everything this morning. The school district in turn blessed all the children with a day off.

A day off for this? In Wyoming we had a name for this sort of thing when everything was covered in ice. We called it Monday.

When I was a kid in Star Valley (yes, I'm a crotchety old man), my school district never canceled school. I remember listening to the radio on the bus in the middle of white-out blizzards and hearing all the schools in Idaho that were canceled for the day because of the one inch of snow they got overnight. Idaho pansies. We had to go to school once when the electricity was out all day. Their reasoning: the power might come back on. How was I supposed to learn if I couldn't watch "Conjunction Junction" in Mr. Whoseit's english class? There was even an earthquake in the valley one night that woke everyone up and freaked people out. We still went to school the next day. (Granted it was only a 4.5 and it didn't do any damage, but still, it's the principle.)

I guess it's good though that they do cancel school, because too many people just don't get that you shouldn't drive 70 mph, make sharp turns, or brake suddenly on the highway when it's covered in a fresh sheet of ice.


Marnie said...

Hey, who are you calling an "Idaho Pansy"? Wanna fight? J/K I didn't know you were from Star Valley. I have relatives there. Do you know any Wolfley?

Cam said...

I went to school with some Wolfleys. I would have to dig out a yearbook to remember their names for sure. I think Chris and Ryan were the ones my age.

the whit said...

The last time they canceled school for ice I had already driven my kids to school and was about to push them out of the car before I realized no one was there. After you've lived in Colorado there's not much you can throw at us and not expect us to somehow get those kids to school.

Oh well, I'm enjoying the Texas "snow" days :)

Emily said...

The Rexburg school's were closed Tuesday. It was lovely! A day off of work, wahoo! It was negative 26. I was so happy, Barton wasn't as happy, obviously college wasn't cancelled. He had to face the nasty coldness.