Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writer's Strike Ending

Hey good news, the writer's strike is close to being over. For people who don't watch TV, it's no big deal, but for idiots like me it is. If only they would have gotten this resolved sooner, Lost would have had 16 episodes instead of 8, and 24 could have started in January instead of being postponed indefinitely. Dang you writer people. Hopefully they gained something from the strike. It would be a shame to have gone three months without a paycheck just to earn a few thousand dollars more than they were before.

Now that it's over, I'm hoping someone picks up on my idea for a TV show. The name of the show is" Nothing". Why? Just to cause mass confusion. If you're flipping through the channels you might end up saying "Nothing's on tonight." Is it the show, or is there just not a show on that you want to watch? If someone asks you "What are you watching", you could say "Nothing" and it would be a real answer. Only good things can come from this. What would the premise of the show be? I don't know. It can't be a show about nothing, because that would just be a ripoff of Seinfeld.

You would have thought that with no new TV episodes on, I would have taken the time to read a book or something. Nope, I'm not that smart. I'm still only on page 200 of Harry Potter and the . . . . Exponential Profit Margin(?) I have magazines stacking up in the bathroom that I haven't read. (That's the only time I have to myself when I'm home, not that I'm complaining because I have all the time to myself I want at work.) I guess I could sit down and read any time I want to because the glowing box has an off button on it. Hmmmm.


Brooks said...

Ummm... random question, not sure where to put it, but... who are Skip and Brook? Funny.
LOVED!!!-the Skittles Excerpt. You should write comedy novels.
Cute kids, by the way.

Cam said...

Skip and Brook are my cousin and his wife. He's going to pharmacy school in Pennsylvania. I can see how their names would be confusing since Josh went by Skip in college, and you go by Brook all the time.

aubrey said...

Halle-freakin'-lujah! It's about time. Now I won't have to find any more ways to fill the time I usually spend watching TV...ha ha.