Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Painting the Kid's Rooms

With part of our tax return this year, we decided to get the kid's rooms painted. Here are some pictures.

Sam found this cool onesie before Soni was born. This is a big reason why I like having kids (but not the only reason, of course).

Dylan and Peyton are going to be sharing a room now with the bunk beds. Dylan picked the top bunk. For those of you wondering, the shade of red is 49ers red from Home Depot. Yeah, baby.

Look, I can touch the ceiling!

Sam had this cool idea of getting a wall paper mural for the boy's room. This is what we got. It looks really cool. Many thanks to Aubrey who came over and helped Sam put it up. You guys did a good job.
(In person it doesn't look choppy at all like in this picture. This is another attempt of mine at a panoramic picture. It would help if I had a tripod and didn't just take pictures and say "I think that was close to the last one.")

Andi's room is still pink, but it now has a new bed.

She really likes the princess castle.


Tiffany said...

I hit you with another Meme, you can blame this on Montse, she hit someone who hit me. I honestly can't let you guys miss out on the fun.