Saturday, February 09, 2008

Texas is turning me into a pansy

The other day at work I had to walk to another building for a meeting. I stepped outside and felt the crispness of the air and thought "Man, it's cold. I need my jacket." So I went back in and put on my jacket then started walking. The temperature that day was 56 degrees. I grew up in Wyoming for Pete's sake, I should be able to handle 56 degree weather. One time I had to change the alternator belt on my car in sub zero temperature and I was fine. During high school I used to have a competition every winter with the kid across the street to see who could go the longest in winter without wearing a coat. (It turns out he was just poor and didn't have a coat. Cheater.) My mom called me yesterday because they were getting like 40 feet of snow and she almost didn't make it home because they were closing off the canyon between Jackson and Star Valley. I complained the other day because the low here dipped down to 33. Man I am such a wuss.