Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Baseball is Boring

Game 3 of the World Series just ended, with the Cardinals winning decisively. As I was watching this game, I realized that baseball is quite a boring sport. Granted it's not as bad as wathcing golf or bowling, but it's usually nothing really exciting. There are great games and great moments in baseball, but how often do they occur? Most baseball games are just a boring waste of three hours that you can't walk away from, just in case something happens.

One thing I noticed while watching the game, is that the ending of a sure victory can be quite tedious. In football and basketball, there is a finite amount of time that the game will last if it is a blowout. But in baseball, who knows. TOnight's game had St. Louis ahead 5 - 0 in the bottom of the ninth. With two outs left and the last batter having two strikes, the fans in the crowd were on their feet and waving their towels awaiting the end of the game. The pitcher winds up, throw the pitch . . . and it's fouled back. Excitement dies down a little until the pitcher winds up again. Again the crowd is cheering, again the batter fouls the pitch. The pitcher again sets up to pitch, the crowd again on its feets, and . . . fouled off. Finally the guy grounded out, but by that time I was trying to figure out who was on Letterman.

Home runs are exciting. Except those may just end up being foul balls too. All home runs are just byproducts of the rampant steroid use anyway, so it's not as cool for some reason.

When people argue for days about whether a player in your sport did or did not have pine tar on his hand instead of talking about the actual game, something may be wrong.

Baseball will never be a real sport until they get rid of the DH in the American League. Make the pitchers try to bat, and make the fat guys who can only hit try to play in the field. It would be more entertaining. Speaking of fat guys . . .

Watching a guy who looks like a High School gym coach from Alabama play a game while he scratches his crotch is not cool.

I'm not saying baseball is bad. It's just that to a casual fan, it can be less than entertaining. Three hours worth of "There's a swing, and it's foul" really isn't worth watching for that one play that everybody talks about the next. You can see on SportsCenter in a nice compacy 3 minute segment. Of course you could probably say the same sort of thing about football, but then you would be mistaken.