Friday, October 13, 2006

He Had It Coming

I got home today from work, and Sam seemed to be a little bit frazzled from her day. This has been a regular occurrence this week, so I was half expecting it. However, I wasn't expecting a certain punishment that Sam ended up giving to the kids.

For some background, it turns out that whenever Dylan got yelled at, or sternly spoken to, or even looked at today he would run into his room, slam the door and start kicking it relentlessly until he decided to come outside and yell at his mother. This happening once or twice may be understandable, but it went on all day. To retaliate, Sam did something that I hadn’t thought of before.

“I took their door.” This took me a bit by surprise. “Took their door?” “Yep, I took their door.” There was no need for further explanation, she took their door. How does one take a door from their child? By unscrewing the hinges from the doorframe and sticking the door in a closet, of course. It took me a minute to process this, but yes, the kids have lost their door until further notice.

I think Sam needs a vacation without the children.


Aubrey said...

LOL! Sorry Sam, I know it's not funny, believe me I do-I had the same kind of day today (you'd think it was Friday the 13th or something). I just had to laugh because I threated to take Noah's door away several times today. My mom used to take my door off of its hinges all the time, she also took my lightbulbs once when I wouldn't stop getting up, of course I was much older than Noah-somewhere around ten I think.
I wonder what is up with our kids lately?

Sami said...

I actually got the idea from you, Aubrey! I probably never would have thought of it on my own, but it seems to be the perfect solution to the kicking problem. I guess we'll see what kind of an impact is made after the dust settles, along with my nerves.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Greetings from Fallon. I was sitting in church thinking about you today, wishing I could hold the baby in order to help keep myself I dropped by to see what's been happening in YOUR neck of the woods. LOL......I can picture everything you wrote and I LOVE your solution!!
Drop me a line sometime ( so we can keep in better touch!
Take care!