Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thoughts From Painting a Fence

Saturday afternoon, I found myself outside painting the fence. While I Was painting the fence, I had some time to myself to think of anything I wanted to without being interrupted by screaming children. While some people would use that time to ponder the meaning of life, I've already got that figured out. So, I thought of a lot of not so important things, such as:

I should enter a karate tournament. I would totally win.

I can't believe that Sam hasn't seen The Karate Kid. Seriously, she grew up in the 80's in the United States, and had never seen that movie? What the heck? (Mr. Miagi had Danielson wax on, wax off AND paint the fence and the house and some other stuff.)

I'm not really a fan of songs where the singers end up talking through part of the song. What, were they not able to figure out how to put those words to music? What's the point of the talking during the song?

I saw this Weird Al music video this morning. Donny Osmond is so cool.

I should have been cast in that video.

If I could go back in time, I would totally beat my younger self up. I did a lot of stupid stuff as a teenager, including singing along to the part of songs where the people were just speaking. Man, I was such a dork. Of course the younger me would want to beat me up because I married someone who hasn't seen The Karate Kid and my sons aren't named Joe, Steve, or Jerry. If I could put those differences aside for a minute though, I could totally put down some sweet bets and make a lot of money like Biff from Back to the Future.

How am I going to win a karate tournament when my hand is cramped into a mangled claw from all this painting?

I painted for an hour and made it ten feet? What the heck?

I should grow my hair out like Garth from Wayne's World.

Maybe I should find a hobby that doesn't involve watching TV and movies.


Why am I getting cold. I'm in Texas. It's not supposed to get cold in Texas, right?

I worked on my car when it was 20 degrees below zero back in Wyoming, and I'm complaning about being cold here?

I'm too old to be out in the cold. I'll catch pnemonia. I'm going inside.

When I get to be such a pansy?