Saturday, October 07, 2006

Male Bonding

Last night we let Andi sleep in our room because she wasn't feeling well. Before dinner she threw up, so we knew she wasn't just making stuff up. She slept on the floor close to the bathroom so she could run in if she needed. I'm glad she's learned to go to the toilet when she's going to do that. It's really helpful.

At about 4:00, Dylan started crying and coming out of his room. He usually does this, so I went through the routine of putting him back in bed. I decided to lay down in bed next to him because I thought he might be lonely without Andi in the room.

When I got in his bed, I noticed that there was a wet spot on his sheet next to his pillow. He took a sippy cup of water to bed, so I figured it spilled some. After laying in his bed for a minute or so, I started picking up a foul odor with my super sniffer. (Actually, it's more of a below average sniffer.) So, I asked Dylan what he brought to his bed to make it smell. I turned on the light, and right where I was laying was a puddle of Dylan's dinner. Well, that's just great.

So here it was 4:00 in the morning, and I stripped Dylan's bed of its sheets. After all the comotion, he didn't want to go back to sleep. Peyton decided to join us at about 4:30. We stayed up and watched cartoons, X-Men 3 (which is a pretty cool show), and Sports Center. It was good fun all around. We decided to get matching tattoos and go hunting next weekend so we can hang a big moose head above the fireplace. However, due to the early morning bonding, all the Carter boys are pretty tired right now.

Next time Dylan wants some manly bonding time with his pop, I hope he just asks for it.


Jared said...

Dude! Our kids barfed last night too! So much fun. We think that someone from playgroup is the culprit. But now we know that both of our families are innocent.

Cam said...

Sam figured it was playgroup too. She remembered one of the moms saying that she was sick and her kid was just getting better. I guess sharing germs is part of play ground too.