Thursday, June 25, 2009


This afternoon Sam and I mentioned how weird it is that Michael Jackson died. We've never lived in a world without Michael Jackson, it's strange. (Or exactly like it was before, just without him in it.) Andi heard us talking about it, and asked "Who's Michael Jackson?" Well, NBC had a Dateline special about him, so I sat down to watch it with her and point him out. It turns out, the first segment we started watching began talking about his sexual assault charges. Because I didn't really want to explain what sexual assault charges are to my 6 years old daughter, I changed the channel rather quickly. We can learn who Michael Jackson was some other day.


Jared Crookston said...

Just make them watch Captain EO on youtube. That'll teach all they really need to know.

Heather said...

I wouldn't be too worried that your kids don't know who he is. They will never know the Micheal that wasn't a freak so they don't need to know!