Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindergarten Graduate

Andi graduated from Kindergarten last Friday. Woo hoo! Only twelve more years of school to go! And the another for or five. And then another four. Woo hoo!

There she is up on the stage with her diploma. How exciting!

Here she is with Mrs. Owen. On Saturday she was saying "I miss Mrs. Owen." I think Sam and I both pointed out that she usually doesn't see Mrs. Owen on Saturday.

Next year, Dylan will be in Kindergarten and Andi in First Grade. That may cut down Sam's stress level considerably.


beckyjune said...

Does that make you feel old?

I'm a little nervous about sending Hailey off to kindergarten all day, every day but it will definitely give me a little bit of a break.

Yay, Andi!!!

Cam said...

Waking up every morning and hearing my ankles and knees pop 27 times makes me feel older.

Brooks said...

Maybe I should have had my babies closer together... Sloan doesn't start kindergarten for another three years. Oui!

Congratulations Andi!!!

Cam, what exactly do you have planned for Andi's future...? 12 years x 5 years x 4 years? Hmmm... Associates of science, perhaps? (Love you, Sami!)