Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sam is in the ICU now and is doing fairly well. She was in surgery for 6 hours Monday. Everything went pretty much as planned. Except for some post-op bleeding that she was having. The surgeon had to go back in Tuesday morning at 3:00 to patch something up and drain the fluid that was collecting around her heart. So yeah, she pretty much had two surgeries in 24 hours.

Right now she is recovering fairly well. She's in a lot of pain (understandably) and really doesn't like the respitory therapist. I'm hoping she'll be out of the ICU tomorrow, but that all depends on how well she is progressing. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks for all the prayers sent our way. It'll take her a while to recover completely, but I know she can do it. She's a tough chick.


Marnie said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well. Your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Please let us know if we can do anything to help.

Elaine, Jared, Jared & Wylee said...

I'm glad things are going okay! We are definitly keeping you guys in our prayers and if you need anything let us know. -The Rickers

Allyson said...

I'd glad to hear that she's doing well. We love you guys!