Friday, November 28, 2008

The Thanksgiving of Germs

We had a pretty standard, not too exciting Thanksgiving this year. My cousin Nicole and her family came up from Houston to spend the day with us. I hadn't seen Nicole in years, so it was good to see her again, and to meet Caleb and their baby.

When I was getting the turkey ready to put in the oven, the kids were amazed by it. I had the turkey do a little dance and say "I didn't run away fast enough." Is that morbid? No more so than having to dig the bag of giblets out of the neck cavity, or the neck from the body. Anyway, the kids were so amazed by the turkey that they wanted to touch it too. Sure, touch the salmonella covered poultry and then go play, great idea. To get the kids to stop trying to touch the bird, I told them that it was covered in germs, and that it would get them sick if they touched it. Problem solved.

When it was time for dinner, we got the kids all the stuff they needed on their plates. They started eating the Jell-o salad, because Jell-o is freakin awesome. Not one of them tried the turkey. I told them, "Hey guys, try the turkey. It's good." to which they responded, "We can't touch the turkey, it's covered in germs." Oh. I did say that, huh.

We tried to amend the turkey/germs thing by telling them that after it was cooked the turkey was ok to touch, but they weren't buying it. It was covered in germs and they didn't want anything to do with it. Oh well, more turkey for me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Year Old!

Our wee little baby is a year old today.

How the heck did that happen?

This year sure has gone by fast. You forget how small and dependent babies are when they are first born. Seeing how much she has grown is quite amazing.

With our other children, we found out that Sam was pregnant again on their first birthday. Luckily, we have broken that trend and we have no such thing to report (and we're hoping it stays that way).

Happy Birthday Soni!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Cheerleading

Andi had a cheerleading competition today. It marks the end of the football/cheering season. We had a lot of fun doing it. It will be kind of weird having Saturdays and weeknights free now. Maybe now we'll be able to update our blog more than twice a month (but don't count on it).

Here is a video of their routine. They did a great job at it. They were the smallest squad out there, and the cutest! They ended up getting fourth place out of seven teams in their age group. They placed better than the other Royse City team which has professional instructors come out and choreograph their dances for them. Ha ha!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Ok, here goes our Halloween post, only 5 days after the fact. Hey, at least it's within a week.

Here is the house decorating we did for Halloween. The witch on the post that is older than our kids, a "spooky" welcome mat, and some pumpkins. Boo.

Then there are our neighbors across the street ...
I didn't add the blurriness, that's just how our camera is taking pictures when you zoom in. 2.0 Megapixels of glorious blur. Woo hoo! Anyway, they have this elaborate setup and on Halloween night they have a haunted house thing set up in their garage. Cool stuff.

Our kids went like this:
Some may say "Hey, that's cheap, you just put them in their football/cheerleading uniforms". On the contrary, it was not cheap. They were the most expensive Halloween costumes ever.

Soni went dressed as Eeyore.

You may have seen that costume before:

Peyton in 2006

Andi in 2003

Some may say "Hey, that's cheap, you stuck three of your kids in the same costume." I say "Hey, we need to buy a new camera, we have to be cheap."

So there you go, that was the extent of our Halloween this year. Now that it's over, time to put up the Christmas decorations! Woo hoo!


Woo hoo! The election is over! Now we don't have to see any more political ads!

Who started the "I'm ..... and I approve this message" trend? Of course you approve this message, you just said every single word that was in the message. At least we don't have as many political ads in Texas as we did in Nevada. In Nevada it was a steady stream of political ads from May through November. At least it was a break from the steady stream of Viagra and Cialis commercials.

If you have a bumper sticker for a specific candidate on your car, there should be a set time frame after the election where you have to take the sticker off. If your candidate lost, you should take the sticker off your car by the end of the next week. If your person won, you should take it off by inauguration day. Much like the "My child is an honor student at xxx Junior High" sticker, that no longer means anything if your child is in High School and failing English. I saw a car with one of these stickers on it the other day. Time to take it down, friend.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This past Sunday at church, I was sitting with Dylan trying to help his teacher out because he was being a pain in the butt. Every now and then he gets in these moods where he doesn’t want to do anything but yell and make nasty faces at people. His teacher was trying to get him to tell her what he likes to do. I said “You like to play football, right buddy?”




He teacher asked “Do you like to go fishing?”




“Do you like to color?”




An observant little girl was sitting next to him. She said, “He likes to be angry!”


I think she has him figured out.